Rainy Ride

For the past month and a half, I have been harboring a very painful, very inconvenient IT band problem. It developed from overuse after the Portland Marathon and it has been plaguing me ever since. In fact, I haven’t laced up my running shoes since the week of the marathon, which took place the second week of October. This morning I decided it is finally time to try and run. My knee has been feeling better and I am so tired of not being able to run. So I laced up my running shoes and just ran.

Of course, when you are running in 35 degree temperatures, other preparations are necessary:

Gloves? Check. Hat? Check. Jacket? Check.

I set off feeling great. Whenever I run for the first time after time off, I just book it. I swear I run faster than I do during training! I started to feel my knee after about 5 minutes. It wasn’t so much a pain as it was just my knee saying, “Hey, Camille, you know that I haven’t run in like, a long time. I thought we weren’t going to take up running again.” I ran through the stiffness and knew that the true test was how I was feeling when I stopped running. That’s always when the pain sets in!

I ran about 1.75 miles in a very speedy 14 minutes before I made it back home. Upon stopping, my knee didn’t hurt, but it did feel a bit sore. It felt like a knee that hasn’t been used in a long time! My number one priority upon getting home was to throw some ice on my knee and defrost my toes:

And no knee icing is complete without some help from my kitten, the nurse in training!

All in all, the run felt great and it was wonderful to be back on my feet. I think I will rest the knee for another 4-5 days before trying to run again.

Then I made my big error of the day. I’ll let you figure this one out for me…

Is it wise to bike when it is 38 degrees out? I’m saying maybe, depends on how bundled up you are. Okay, now is it wise to bike when it is 38 degrees out and pouring rain? No. The answer is a clear cut no! So being the ever rational person I am, of course I biked to school today in 38 degree temperatures with pouring rain. Of course I did. By the time I got home my pants were slightly frozen to my body (this may be an exaggeration) and I wouldn’t feel any of my limbs (this is not an exaggeration). I pointed the space header directly on my body on high while I made lunch.

Today is definitely a day for veggies. I wanted a green monster, but I didn’t think it was in my best interest to drink a smoothie after nearly freezing to death. I settled for a tasty veggie mix up and some leftover cranberries.

The things that look like something that belongs inside your body are chanterelle mushrooms. They have a great flavor but a slightly “slimy” texture.

Now that I have a happy belly and a warm body, it’s time to get a head start on all my work for the week! Tomorrow is my last day of school before Thanksgiving break and I definitely don’t want to spend the following 5 days with my head stuck in the books! Not to mention that someone has a birthday this weekend 🙂

Guess who is turning the big 2-1 on Sunday?

What is the most daring thing you have ever done in poor weather? I ran the Portland Marathon during an insane rain storm! That tops my list! Because marathons aren’t hard enough as is…

11 thoughts on “Rainy Ride

  1. First off…It’s ENOUGH to ride in 38 degrees on your bike.

    You’ve lived in SD…do I need to come smack you? I’m a ninny..if it’s too breezy I whine (okay THAT IS an exageration) but I am sitting at my desk typing with gloves on and I finally cut the fingertips off so I could be productive and deal with papers WITH my gloves on (Do I need to say that I work INSIDE a building..with the heater on my face??)

    Since you feel the need to be SuperCamille…do you want a scarf?
    what color??
    I had thought you’d win one of my last 2 giveaways and you did not!
    knitting is keeping my warmerthan38degreesoutside body warm and except for the fact that my knuckles ache at the moment…I need it!

    kinda like you need to run in the dang cold wet rain and then bike in it!


    amd I miss my bike and I’ve hardly gotten to ride it! boo.
    did I mention I love that you are back with a blog that likes me????

    • Hahaha, that was the greatest comment ever!! 🙂
      Seriously!? I could have a scarf!? I have been meaning to make one, but my skills don’t extend past basic strips. Um… um… um… I don’t know what color! I am too excited!

      The biking actually came about as a decision between waiting for the bus in the rain or biking in the rain. I guess they would have been equally soggy, the bike just adds the wind chill facts. The worst part of it all is this: This is the second time I have made that decision in the past week. I guess I will never learn 🙂 You throw anything below 30 degrees at me, though, and I refuse to even look at my bike!

  2. okay… let me see what yarn I have in my stash and I will show you the options OKAY?

    but are like into cuter girlier colors or more earth tones???

    I’m pretty sure I’ve got em all!

  3. hehe Love the scarf discussion.
    Camille – You are moving all over the blogworld, girlfriend. Love the new look. Really cute. And, I ADORE the name.

    Enjoy your Thanksgiving break, doll. ❤

  4. I lurrrrve Chanterelle’s! I had them once in a Buddhist’s delight and asked the waitress what they were (I actually thought because of the texture that they were a sea vegetable!) I’ve been hooked on them since!

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