Beautiful Contrast

Yesterday as I was walking around our very snowy campus, I recognized an awesome opportunity. Seriously, I have never been more proud of my memory skills. I happened to notice that one particular site on campus was the very same place where I took a photo during our first week in Corvallis. Of course it looked very different yesterday thanks to the subtraction of leaves and the addition of snow! You see where this is going, don’t you? Contrast photo!

Is that not the coolest thing ever? I just need to remember to get a rainy Fall photo and a spring photo and it will be the most perfect thing ever! And yes, I like to take my Winter photos before my Fall photos. Logical, yes.

Though I didn’t wake up to falling snow this morning, I did wake up knowing that I have the next five days off school. That is almost as good as snow. Not quite, but almost…

Today came with two big tasks. The first was something I have been meaning to do for a while but just haven’t gotten around to. Since I don’t have a lot of money to buy gifts this holiday season, I wanted to do something giving that would make me feel like I had really helped someone out. With this in mind, I spent the morning cleaning out my closet and finding a bunch of clothes to donate to charity. Luckily it wasn’t too huge of a task since we only moved three months ago, but I still ended up with an entire trash bag full of clothes. Lots of them still had the tag on!

My charity wasn’t without benefits for me too! When I was done I had a very clean closet and a very clean state of mind. My motto going through the closet was, “If it doesn’t zip, it doesn’t fit.” I had held on to so many clothes from my 15 pounds lighter days and though I might not ever have admitted it, I think it was with the hope that I might be that thin again some day. Today I gave my size 0 clothes the finger and tossed them! I’m not a waif, so I’m not keeping clothes were I have to be one in order to make them fit. It was such a liberating experience and when Steve walked in an said, “Wow! Are you getting rid of all that!?” I proudly said, “Hell yes I am!”

I am now the proud owner of a size 4 wardrobe with no clothes in it that I need to lose weight to fit in.

The second big task today was the begin the Thanksgiving cooking! Even though we aren’t having a big dinner party, I still want to make sure that Thursday is special. Thanksgiving has always been in my top 2 favorite holidays and I want to make sure that it is wonderful even if I can’t see my entire family. I told Steve earlier this week that we could each pick two dishes. I knew that he would make good picks! We live in a meat-free house (for the most part) so turkey was ruled out. Our picks ended up being as follows:


  • Cranberries
  • Pumpkin Pie


  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Broccoli

Cranberries would have been my first choice but Steve beat me to them! As long as I get to eat my body weight in cranberries, the night will be a win šŸ™‚

I’m expecting a very special birthday present in the mail later today. I can’t wait to show you! It is something that is a blogging essential. Any guesses?

Who watched Glee last night? It was my favorite episode of the entire series. I was weeping through the entire thing. Weddings always get me!


4 thoughts on “Beautiful Contrast

  1. ONE: I LOVE contrast photos. At our last home we had this maple tree in our front yard that I ADORED. So each season I snapped a picture and I meant to frame them (in order Haha) but never have. Now I think I need to go dig them up. I love your contrast photos of your campus building. It is so pretty (both of them)

    Two: YAY for thinning out the closet. My thing is shirts I used to really love but the style was to wear them SHORT, like mid-riff and not that I couldn’t still wear them I just CAN’T stand it anymore . I always layer my shirts now with tank tops underneath so I need to ditch those too. and YAY for ditching the waif clothes! Good For YOU!!!

    Three: YAY for cooking a special meal no matter for how many. we have celebrated many a holiday (Christmas or Thanksgiving) just us two or three or four. I also had a gutted kitchen for3 of those quiet years and made dinner out of a toaster oven. It’s special no matter what you eat !!! It’s about being together with your loved ones (either all of them or just a few)

    Happy Early Thanksgiving my friend and can’t wait to see your birthday goodie!

  2. that is beautiful!! I love doing this.

    a couple years ago, when I was teaching and playing tennis every day, there was a beautiful view on the patio of my racquet club, which is high on a hill in Lake Oswego… I’d go out each day, around the same time if I could, and take the same photo… after a while several other members would ask when they saw me walking through the club (or even out on the court!) if I’ve taken my daily photo. It was a fun project.

  3. One of the best posts yet. Good job on letting go, Camille! and I love your pics, glad to see you so happy up in Corvallis! I love your Thanksgiving post too and I feel the same way about Santa Cruz as you do about Corvallis. So wonderful šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚

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