I Am So Thankful

I plan to take plenty of photos today. You might see them tonight or you might see them tomorrow. This post is my number 1 priority right now:

This has been a strange, wonderful, scary year. Between transferring schools, moving from San Diego to Oregon, and trips to Indiana, San Francisco and Yosemite, I have so much to be thankful for. Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday. It always falls within a few days of my birthday (It’s on Sunday this year!) so every year for as long as I can remember we have had a joint Thanksgiving/Birthday party with about 30 of my closest family and friends. It is always the most joyous, loving, and delicious day and I look forward to it for the entire year. With our move to Oregon, my family is celebrating Thanksgiving without me this year. Believe me when I say that I have zero regrets in moving and I am exactly where I want to be right now, but it is still a bit sad to lose this family tradition. Steve and I do plan to make the trip back to San Diego most years, but the move and the seemingly endless job search have made finances a bit tight this year and we couldn’t afford to travel and still pay someone to watch the puppy and kitten. Sometimes making big adult decisions are tough, but we know that we made the right one.

None of this means that I have any less to be thankful for! In fact, I think I have more to be thankful for than most years. Heck, I live a pretty great life!

This year, I am thankful for…

  • Steve, the most wonderful of boyfriends. I am beyond lucky to live with my best friend and the person I love most dearly. We will be celebrating our 2 year anniversary soon and I can safely say that that these have been the best 2 years of my life.

  • My health. This year I have run 2 marathons and countless other races. I also made the 17 mile hike to the top of Half Dome and rode 30 miles on my bike after not having touched a bike for over 10 years. My body is amazing. I am healthy and fit and everyday I appreciate what my body does for me. I am free of disease, both physical and mental, and my body has completely forgiven me for anything I may have done to it in the past. My body kicks ass.

  • My family. Even though they are far away from me, they still support me every day. I am thankful to have the world’s most intelligent sister, the world’s most caring father, and the world’s most passionate mother. Aside from my immediate family, I have an incredible Stepmom, Stepdad, Aunt, Uncle, and Grandma. We have our other family, Steve’s family, who are equal in love and quirkiness to my own. (There are too many people in this category to capture them all in photos. Trust me when I say that they are all damn good looking.)
  • My education. I am so thankful to be able to pursue the field I am most passionate about at a school that has an excellent program. I am going to graduate (in a lot longer than expected) with an incredible degree that will allow me to work in the field I love and live the life I hope to lead. I know that not everyone is as lucky as I am to have access to education and I truly am thankful for my privileged lifestyle.

  • Oregon. In Corvallis we have finally found a home. I don’t find myself counting down the days until I can leave and I actually enjoy the people and the atmosphere. Everyone should find the place where they don’t just live, but truly love living there.

  • You guys. Blogging has changed me life. I have made so many friends from all across the country who have supported me on the toughest days and rooted me on during my biggest tests. For those of you who also have a blog, thank you for sharing your life with us.

I could go on forever, but I have a pie to cook and you have pie to eat (if you don’t have one please get one, for the sake of Thanksgiving). I hope everyone has the happiest of Thanksgivings and that you have everything in the world to be thankful for.


15 thoughts on “I Am So Thankful

  1. We will miss you terribly tomorrow but are so proud of your growth this past year. You’ve made some big grown up decisions and soon you will be legally responsible for all of them (ha ha). I can’t wait to see what Scarlett can do. Happy Thanksgiving to you and Steve and the furry ones. Love you.

  2. I’m thankful for all of the above as well(in my own way of course), but i’m mostly thankful to have a friend like you. Your an inspiration and a great role model. Your a great friend even from a far. Have an amazing Thanksgiving and take tons of wonderful pictures!

  3. Oh- I think I am going to cry…yep, those are tears! You are an amazing person, writer, stepdaughter and I love you! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!
    I was crying on your dad’s shoulder this morning- literally- about our empty nest and you and Celeste growing up. There just isn’t enough noise!
    Hi to Steve and the critters.

  4. i found your blog through Bettie’s, and since i too will fun for chocolate, i had to check it out! 🙂 great post! i’m also so thankful for my husband, my health, and the awesome opportunity to live in Sydney Australia. hope you’re having a great holiday weekend over there! 🙂

  5. I love how your transferred and now love the area, people, and atmosphere! I just transferred too, and I feel the same way. I am much happier now and the school & area’s people and atmosphere fit much better with my personality and lifestyle.
    Also, Oregon looks so pretty!

  6. my to do list became a tad overwhelming the last 48 so I am just back now catching my breath.

    You have such a beautiful thankful list. I am so so happy for you Camille and you have such a great life ahead of you.

    ps your pictures are turning out wonderful. I drooled all over my dad’s cannon rebel digital camera…I am totally ready for an upgrade to my coolpix.

    Happy Thanksgiving and HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

    I’m off to knit!

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