A Birthday Feast

Today has been a lovely, if low key, birthday. I started out my day by baking up a storm. Hey, birthdays are all about doing what you want to do! After baking, I put in some time on the elliptical and then came home and got ready for our wonderful dinner out.

I also put in some major kitten cuddle time. No birthday is complete without some kitten love!

And to answer your question: yes, she always has the crazy eyes.

For dinner, we went to a new to us place called Luc. We got there nice and early so there was no wait. Perfection.

We started off with some bread and butter which was perfect, french style bread.

And of course, some perfectly legal wine! I got a Rose and Steve got a White. We tried each others but ended up being very happy with our choices.

For starters, we shared an incredible cheese plate. I wish I could remember the names of any of the cheeses (note to self, write these things down) but they were all very good. The one on the far end was the overall favorite but Steve loved the goat cheese. I’m not a huge fan of goat cheese, but I helped polish off the other three. It also included and incredible jam, hazelnuts, and raisins as well as bread to eat the cheeses with.

Steve decided to be an anti-vegetarian for the day and order the burger, since it was a special occasion and all. The burger had the cheese cooked inside of it and he was incredibly pleased with his meal.

I decided to add a small salad to finish off my meal. It was topped with shaved cheese and hazelnuts and was delicious and simple.

We had an absolutely lovely time and even though it wasn’t anything crazy, I had a very nice birthday.

I have a feeling that 21 is going to be a great year 🙂

13 thoughts on “A Birthday Feast

  1. Happy Birthday Doll! It’s good to see you at least had something to drink on your 21st! I remember I didn’t even drink on mine. For some reason, I was too embarrassed to order a drink, so my then-husband and I just had dinner and left. hehe. I was a silly young thang.

  2. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaapy Birthday!

    I had a glass of wine and dinner out on my 21st too. Crazy is over-rated I say!

    dinner looked great and glad you got to bake and enjoy your day!

  3. My 21st birthday is coming up as well. I wasn’t planing on ever drinking alcohol, but this post has me considering it. Did you feel anything from it? Was it your first experience with alcohol?

    • Hey!
      I saw that you came across my about me, but I definitely want to answer you question personally 🙂
      I drank for the first time when I was… 17, I believe. I wasn’t a hard partying high schooler or anything (in fact, I had never been to a non-birthday party until college), my friends just wanted to try it so I joined it. I did drink a lot my first year of college but really stopped as soon as I came home from college after my 1st year. In the past year, I have drank on probably 4 or 5 occasions.
      I definitely think that drinking is a personal choice and you shouldn’t feel obligated just because you are 21. Yes, you will be able to feel it, especially your first time. However, unless you have the world’s strongest drink your first time, one drink shouldn’t make you drunk.
      Whatever you choose to do, I think it is very admirable that you never gave in to peer pressure. Alcohol doesn’t make anything better! If you can have a great time without it then you are a much cooler person that 99% of the world 🙂
      Good luck!

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