Accidental Fudge?

Today has been an emotional roller coaster for me. This morning I was feeling artsy, so I decided to go through my memory box and see what I could make using pieces from it. Well, this endeavor ultimately ended with me on the floor of my computer room weeping over things like old cards and funeral announcements. Of course, at this point, everything was all over the floor and I had to put it back in the box. As I was putting everything away I was just sobbing and texting Steve about how everything is so horrible and how sad I was. Please note, I am not actually sad and there is no reason for me to be sad. I am just feeling overly emotional today… Thank goodness for my most bestest of friends, Sarah, who told me to cry it out and go eat cookies. As you can see, she is my friend for a good reason.

I decided I would bake cookies. Baking cookies solves everything! You know what doesn’t solve anything, apparently? Googling recipes. If you do this, you could very well end up with a batter that resembles the consistency of clay. I, of course, started crying again and decided that I must save this recipe. Now, please picture this:

I am standing over the kitchen flour, covered with cocoa powder, crying my eyes out and just throwing condensed milk in to my batter while sobbing to my cat, “Harley! *sob* I have to fix it! *sob* Whhhhyyy is life so hard!? *sob*”

I have no clue what the final result of my kitchen disaster is. Cake perhaps? Possibly, fudge? I really don’t know. I can’t even give you a proper recipe since I just ended up haphazardly throwing things in the the bowl and stiring them in. I would say that whatever they are, they are about 30% tears.

Whatever they are, I ate 3 of them. Then I got sick.

Today is going just swimmingly.


6 thoughts on “Accidental Fudge?

    Our dog, Zephyr, has been sick and the vet put him on a bland diet of chicken and rice. Because life is complicated enough, I thought the easiest thing would be to stop at a Chinese restaurant and get an order of rice for him. That was on Saturday and tonight I used the last of rice for his dinner. So I thought I would just run over to the same restaurant and get another order of rice for tomorrow. No dice.. they were closed. So I went to the grocery store and got a box of rice to make for him. I glanced at the directions for the rice and it said to boil 2 quarts of water and add 3 cups of rice to make 6 servings. No problem, I can do that! And that is what I did. After the rice sat for 5 minutes in the pot, I opened up the lid and immediately noticed that there was about 3 inches of water sitting on top of the rice which was on the bottom of the pot. Hmmmm, I thought…. what the heck was wrong with this rice? So I got out the box and actually read the directions which REALLY said to put 3 cups of water with an equal portion of rice to make 2 quarts of rice or 6 servings. Oooooh. That’s a horse of a different color! What to do?? Well, the obvious fix was to throw 3 more cups of rice into the pot and hope for the best. Success!!! It worked!!! Except I now have two huge tubs of rice (I’m thinking maybe 4 quarts and just so you don’t have to do the math, that is 16 cups). I sure hope Zephyr is hungry!
    PS I’m really not a bad cook, in fact I can cook quite well. I guess it is just the directions I have trouble with!

  2. Oh… the water boiled quite nicely so I think I have that under control. But maybe you can give me reading lessons – that might help!

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