Apartment Decoration: Part 1

It’s hard to believe we have already lived in Oregon for over 3 months. It seems like just yesterday we were handing our life savings over to Budget (yeah right) Truck rentals and leaving San Diego.

I love our apartment here. It is cozy but still large enough so we don’t feel cramped. However, in the craziness of moving immediately followed by my starting school and Steve starting work, we never really had time to make our place our own. Of course we are all unpacked, but we never put any personal touches on our apartment. Since we recently discovered that we are looking at four years at the least in Corvallis, I really want to put an effort in to making our apartment as homey and “permanent” as possible. I know we wont live here forever, but we do plan to stay for as long as we are living in Corvallis. We love the location (it is on the outskirts of town in a quieter, less busy area) and we really like the place. Why wouldn’t we stay!?

With that being said, I am currently on a mission to spruce the place up. Even if I just do one little task per day, it will make a huge difference in the overall look of the place. Today I undertook a pretty big task.

When we moved in, we had some curtains up on our sliding glass door that leads to our balcony. We must have hit a stud because the curtains simply wouldn’t stay up. We ended up taking them down and never got around to putting them back up. Today I decided to put them up again, but not in the same place they were before.

In order to make our place a bit more “house-like” with closed off rooms, I decided to use the curtains as a divider between the living room and dining room. I had always thought the transition between the rooms was a little weird: carpet to linoleum is never pretty. The curtains definitely need some ironing from being crammed in a closet for 2 months, but this is the general look:

I am really happy with the look of it. I think it makes the living room look a bit cozier and more private. What do you think? The only issue is that Harley seems to see the curtains as being things for her to roll herself up in like a burrito and then thrash her way to freedom. I tried to tell her that isn’t what curtains are for, but she doesn’t seem interested in my opinion. Today ones of our goals is to find hooks that we can screw in to the wall to hold the curtains, rather than the flimsy ties.

I also converted an old mason jar to a remote holder. You hear that, Steve? You aren’t allowed to ask me where the remote is anymore. If you put it where it belongs, then it will be right here:

I have a list of projects I want to get done, but a lot of them will require help from Steve. You see, he is much more artsy than I am. Plus, he is a bigger perfectionist and will make sure that everything actually looks nice. Keep your eyes pealed for the next stages in our apartment decoration! We might have another project done by this evening if we are lucky!

4 thoughts on “Apartment Decoration: Part 1

  1. LOVE your curtain divider!
    what a cool idea!
    gosh I love everything so far, plus a little mischevious Harley couldn’t be cuter!!!

    check your mail. Maybe tomorrow???

    ps. sorry you had a bummer day yesterday. Meant to drop you a comment but my day got a way with me.

  2. That’s funny that Steve is more apt at decorating than you..IDK why, because I’m terrible at decorating myself, and seeing as we are 80-85% the same person….

    Anyways, the curtains look really great! I never would have thought of that.

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