Things That Are Worth It

1. Christmas cookies. No, they wont kill you. No, they wont make you fat. Yes, they will definitely make you just a little bit jollier.

2. Running right when the sun is coming up. There is no time of the day that is more beautiful than when the sun is peaking over the hills/mountains/ocean/fields. Factor in a great playlist and you have a recipe for a wonderful day.

3. Skipping holiday shopping and doing a bit of holiday baking. I promise that no one will love you any less if you send them cookies instead of gift cards. Plus, it never hurts to be down $5 worth of shipping rather than $50 worth of products. Double plus, Black Friday doesn’t offer spoon licking.

4. Standing in the rain. Just because.

5. Crying it out. Sometimes you just need a good cry. If you are like me, maybe it is for no good reason aside from the fact that you just have way too much moisture building up in your tear ducts. Crying doesn’t fix things, but it sure helps.

6. A real Christmas tree. Sure, fake trees are more economically and ecologically sound, but they don’t smell or look like Christmas. Nope, not even the scented spray is quite right.

7. Ordering the sandwich when you want the sandwich. The salad just wont taste as good.

8. Deciding you can’t exercise today because you are too busy lying on the couch. Mental health days exist for a reason!

9. Not paying to see that movie that you think looks horrible just because everyone else wants to see it. In retrospect, I would much rather have my $10 than fond memories of the time I saw Mamma Mia!. I thank you for stealing $10 worth of chocolate from me, Pierce Brosnan.

For that matter, it is also worth not loving movies that everyone else loves just because everyone else loves them. For the record: I didn’t particularly care for Avatar. I’m not even ashamed to say it!

10. Saying no. No, I don’t want to forward your chain message. No, I don’t want to “do something for you real quick”, I want to stay right here. No, I will not pay a late fee when I never got a bill in the first place. I don’t care if you are in my spam filter. NO!

What is worth it to you?


6 thoughts on “Things That Are Worth It

  1. I’m a big do it yourselfer for gifts and it either is not appreciated or I spend more time and more money on my hand made thing than just buying a pair of whatnot.

    the point is I enjoy it, so there!

    plus we are totally “off the beaten path” kind of peeps so it’s all good.
    I baked my face off yesterday and ate my weight in butter, sugar and flour.

    OH, JAMMIE DAYS! gotta have em! lots of books, movies and popcorn. brush your teeth and that’s it!

    love it.

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