Things I Should Probably Keep To Myself: The Media Edition

1. I have read each of the Harry Potter books no less than 5 times. Some I have read closer to 10 times.

2. My favorite movie of all time is Titanic. I have seen it over 15 times and I know every word to the entire movie. In the case of a fire, my 3-disc collector’s edition would be one of the first things I would grab.

3. When I grow up, I want to be Jo March.

4. I have read this book all the way through… twice… just for fun.

5. I firmly believe that Twilight, and all its predecessors are perfect examples of how luck alone can get you a publishing deal.

6. Whenever I see a stand alone wardrobe, I always check to see if Narnia is inside. Always.

7. Once upon a time I was a Media Studies major, with a focus on Journalism. I also wrote for the school newspaper doing film reviews. Before I transferred schools, I got to do a lot of cool film screenings and interviews. My favorite? This one.

8. When I was about 15, I fancied myself to be quite the fashion expert. I would only read Vogue or Elle and I decided I was going to be a fashion designer. Now, to put this in perspective, nowadays I have trouble matching black yoga pants to a sweatshirt.

Please note: This was yet another bad hair/chubby phase. I had a lot of those.

9. I can sing. I generally don’t do it around people because I get embarrassed, but I am actually pretty decent.

10. I have a deep, devoted, passionate love with books. In fact, my love for books is so great that, cool as I think they are, I can’t bear to buy any sort of e-reader. Part of the magic of a good book is feeling the paper in your hands and I can’t fathom sacrificing that in the name of technology.

11. I am a musical theater nerd. I have seen about 20 different Broadway musicals on stage and have been in about 6 shows myself. When I was little, we managed to rent every single movie from the musical section (R.I.P.) at Blockbuster. I can sing you almost every song from any musical, old or new.

9 thoughts on “Things I Should Probably Keep To Myself: The Media Edition

    I too look inside wardrobes…you never know!

    I say him in Wanted and was all…..I SWEAR that’s Mr. Tumnus…
    I haven’t seen that many musicals (maybe 6 or so) but I LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM.
    I’ve read every HP book too at my Teenager’s urging. They are hard to put down…and I love to read but I am happy to have my Kindle. I feel so Trekkie!

    Gosh you could have written this for me…except for the fact that YOUMETMRTUMNUS.
    cool beans Sista!

    Did your cowl show up yet???

  2. I looove musicals. Do you know Spring Awakening? 😉

    I kind of really want to read that dietetics book since you recommended it, I was looking for something similar in my library but wasn’t quite sure what to look for, so that’s good to know!
    And I LOVE Harry Potter.

    But must admit I found Twilight amusing. Not at all deserving of the hype, not quality in any way shape or form, but amusing.
    essentially I think my media-confessions would be significantly more embarrassing than yours 😉 ah well… guilty pleasures, I suppose.

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