Tastes of Tuesdae

The title was once again though up by my highly creative boyfriend…

Today was all sorts of fun! I woke up at 6:15 and had my morning coffee and quiet time before Steve and Celeste woke up. When they finally stumbled out of bed around 7:15, we all got ready to go on our adventure to Tillamook! If the name sounds familiar, think cheese. And cheese was our number one mission today!

We arrived at the Tillamook Cheese Factory around 10:45 after a two hour drive and we were all starved and ready for food. Of course, we ate cheese! Steve and I split a grilled cheese sandwich with him eating about 3/4 of it and me about 1/4. We probably split the fries 50/50.

Oh my goodness was it good! I would have been majorly disappointed if a cheese factory had a bad grilled cheese sandwich! Celeste got Mac and Cheese which I stole a few bites of. It was really good to! But for me, you can’t beat grilled cheese!

After we ate, we wandered around the factory to see the cheese making process. It was actually really cool!

Everything is so measured and scientific. They leave no room for error! We also tasted all the Tillamook cheeses. My favorite was the Black Pepper Cheese. Sooo good! Celeste and Steve messed around with some of the interactive features throughout the factory while I did some photo taking.

Even though we weren’t hungry at all, we felt like we would be majorly missing out if we didn’t get some Tillamook Ice Cream while we were there! I got a scoop or Marionberry Pie Ice Cream with Peanut Butter sauce and whipped cream.

It was amazingly good, but I couldn’t finish it. I probably made it through about 2/3 before I called it quits.

We wandered around the gift store a little bit and Celeste got a few things to take home. These were not them…

No, my boyfriend is not on drugs…

Steve suggested that we put this in Celeste’s bed while she was sleeping. What movie!?

I also stumbled across this chocolate bar… what do you think it could possibly mean!?

We left much happier and much fuller than when we arrived.

We took the long, pretty drive home down the coast and included a few stops to take in the sights.

I’m no coast person, but I love the Oregon coast. It is so beautifully unique and has such gorgeous features.

We finally made it home and I set out almost immediately for a quick, mile and a half run. Running is hard when you have a belly full of cheese!

The rest of the night will probably be filled with relaxing and movie watching. Twas a wonderful day!

Have a great night!

12 thoughts on “Tastes of Tuesdae

  1. gosh what a cool place to visit.
    I love cheese a little too much!

    and Oregon Coast IS amazing! you guys are having a blast (and I have no idea on the movie…DANG)

  2. Can I tell you how much I love grilled cheese sandwiches and I order them all the time at restaurants. I even grovel with the waiter when the only one is on the kid menu.

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