5.75 Later…

Hello, hello!

Today started off much like every other morning. I woke up around 6:30am and enjoyed my coffee while having my alone time. Does anyone else wake up early so you can have quiet, alone time? My mornings are my “me time” during the day and I savor every second of them! Around 8:15am, I set off on a run. I decided I wanted to try and push myself a little further than I have been able to lately. If you didn’t know, I am still wrestling an IT Band injury from the Portland Marathon in October. Ever since then I haven’t been able to run more than 1 1/2-2 miles without serious pain. Today I managed to do 2 1/2 miles in 26 minutes without too much pain. I guess the slow and steady mileage buildup is going to have to be my approach to running for the time being. I tried to focus on short strides and taking it nice and slow. It felt great to pound the pavement for more than a mile, though!

When everyone finally woke up, we went to my favorite Corvallis restaurant, Nearly Normals. I ordered the Butternut Squash Tacos, a seasonal special…

“Two corn tortillas stuffed with roasted chipotle butternut squash,
steamed kale, salsa, feta, cheddar and jack cheese. Served with
brown rice and black beans.”

They were absolutely incredible. hands down my favorite thing I have ever ordered there! I feel no shame in the fact that I ate every single bite!

After lunch, Celeste and I grabbed some froyo. I just got a few bites since I was stuffed from lunch.

When we got home, we planned to go for a short hike but we ended up running out of time. Instead, we went to the playground and played there for a little bit.

Afterward, Celeste and I came home to get our bake on! We made three different kinds of desserts to send back to San Diego with Celeste. Since it was too dark to take photos, I will have to hit you with some photos and recipes tomorrow.

On another note, I have discovered that I am able to run further without pain if I run several short runs during the day rather than one long one. In an attempt to build my mileage back up, I am trying to fit in two shorts runs each day. This evening I put in just over 3 more miles to add to this morning’s 2.5. I wasn’t feeling hardly any knee pain at all. That is a great sign! 5.75 miles in one day is the most I have been able to do in about 10 weeks! Consider me quite happy 🙂

Tomorrow we are off to wander around Corvallis. Celeste has yet to see our downtown area, so that is on the agenda for tomorrow. We are also planning to go see Black Swan. I can hardly wait!

I hope everyone had a great day!


5 thoughts on “5.75 Later…

  1. I can’t wait to see Black Swan!!!!! It looks SO good! 🙂 Know what else looks good? THOSE TACOS!!! Notice all of my capitalization? And congrats on the major running mileage – that’s awesome 😀

  2. You guys are having quite a killer visit! good for y0u and I can’t wait to hear about Black Swan! I want to see it!

    where’d the snow go?


  3. I too cannot wait to see Black Swan! I keep avoiding any discussion or reading anything about it because I don’t want to know anything!!!

    I love your lunch plate! And especially your precious dog!

  4. I totally get up early so I can have a tiny bit of peace and quiet before my 5 year old wakes up and starts her question marathon!

    Those tacos look divine! I’d love to try to replicate them!

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