Christmas Eve In Portland

Merry Christmas Eve! I hope everyone is eating themselves silly with delicious food right now! Think of it as a toning exercise for tomorrow 🙂

Last night we went to see Black Swan. I absolutely loved it! Let me first give my disclaimer: I am obsessed with ballet, scary movies, and Natalie Portman. Given these conditions, I don’t know how I could have not loved it. It was incredibly creepy, I would say even more so than many current films that claim to be “horror movies”. The dancing was beautiful and the acting was incredible. If I had a vote in the matter, I would put my name in for Natalie Portman for best actress. It was a very different role for her and she did a great job. Okay, I will stop gushing now. Let me just say, “Go see it. I promise it is worth your $10.00 (or $7.00 if you live in Corvallis, Oregon)”.

This morning I woke up bright and early for my usual run. It was still dark when I left at 6:30am, so I just ran three times around the block where there are street lights. I ended up doing about 2.5 miles in 26 minutes before my knee started hurting. Hey, anything helps!

When everyone else woke up and got ready, we set off for Portland for the day. I have only actually been to Portland (minus airport trips, because those don’t count) once, so this was essentially a new experience for me too! From what I saw during the Portland Marathon, though, it is an incredibly beautiful city and definitely one of my favorites that I had ever been to. My experience today was slightly different and I realized I don’t love the city quite as much as I thought I did. It is still a beautiful city, but a city nonetheless, and I’m just not a city girl.

Let me be straight with you here: I am tired, it is Christmas Eve, and I’m not feeling particularly chatty. With that being said, I will leave you with a photo post.

Have a wonderful Christmas Eve… don’t stay up too late waiting for Santa!

8 thoughts on “Christmas Eve In Portland

  1. OOOOOHHHHHH. VooDoo Donuts AND Powells- 2 of my favorite places IN THE WORLD!!!!! I am glad you got to go there. Also sorry you didn’t really love it. Portland is sooooo beauteeful, and I am sure I could live there. Of course I would have to be able to work at Powells!
    Merry Christmas to you and Steve, and the pets.
    Love, Twila

    • It wasn’t bad, I just seemed to remember loving it more the first time. Steve pointed out that there were a lot less homeless people on the street last time because it was pouring. I think I just had an image in my head of it being less of a city and more of a town, but on second glance it is definitely a city!

  2. Merry Christmas!

    I can’t wait to see Black Swan. I had to deter my extremely conservative grandma from seeing it this weekend though. We will have to go see something else. She was totally misled about what it was about and thought it was just a happy story of a ballerina. lol 😉

  3. AHHHH POWELLS!!!!!! That is like, my bookie dreamland – I totally did not make the connection between you, Oregon and Powell’s. SO LUCKY! 😀 I hope you had a merry Christmas! And I’m glad Black Swan was the bomb – can’t wait to see it!

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