Goal Setter

In terms of New Year’s, I think “goals” is a much nicer term that “resolutions”. To me, resolutions mean that something needs to be changed. A resolution equates to sacrificing something about yourself. A goal is a much kinder term. Instead of working against something, a goal allows you to work toward something. A goal signifies that you want to accomplish something, not sacrifice it!

I honestly don’t even remember my goals from last year. Since my blogging baby wasn’t born until April, I likely never even jotted them down. Despite the fact that I have no clue if I “accomplished” my goals, I accomplished a whole hell of a lot this year! Don’t believe me?

  • I ran 2 marathons, 2 15k’s, 2 10k’s, 2 5k’s (I didn’t even notice until now that this was the year of 2’s!)

  • I moved from San Diego to Oregon! If that isn’t ballsy, I don’t know what is!

  • I was finally able to declare the major that I have been lusting after for years: Dietetics. And while I was at it, I declared a second major too, because, why not? I am now a Dietetics/Nutrition for Fitness major.
  • I flew on a plane six times this year and didn’t die. I always consider this quite an accomplishment since there is a 99% chance that I will die every time I get on a plane. That 1% is working for me so far!
  • I hiked Half Dome… solo! Perhaps one of the most grueling 17 miles of my life and worth every blister and bloody sock!

  • I ran a ton of miles. Though I don’t know my exact number, I would estimate that it was probably close to 1500 miles. Supa’ fantastic!
  • I rode a bike for the first time in about 10 years. AND I have ridden about 300 miles or so this year and I haven’t even fallen… yet.

  • I had my first child/pet. If you didn’t know, her name is Harley and she is pure, fluffy evil.

  • I saw my first snowfall outside my house.

Check out my two 2010 wrap up posts here and here for for details about this wonderful year.

Regardless of whether I accomplished any of my goals, I would say that this has been a pretty kick-ass year!

So what could I do that would possibly top last year? Well, here are some of my goals for 2011:

  • Run the Eugene Marathon, the Corvallis Half, the Lincoln City Half, plus at least one more distance event of my choosing.
  • Go back to Yosemite, this time with Steve.
  • Make it back to Indiana in November for Steve’s high school reunion. (I’m sure he would like me to tell you that it is only his 1 year reunion… whether or not you choose to believe that is up to you.)
  • Learn how to knit. I am a pretty decent crocheter, but I have never learned to knit. Perhaps the Knitting For Dummies book sent to me by my Stepmom, Twila, will be of some help!
  • Make some friends in Oregon. You think I’m kidding… don’t you?
  • Pay off all our debt. Hopefully with both Steve and I working full time, this shouldn’t be too difficult. We are really motivated by the fact that when we pay off all our debt we can talk owning instead of renting 🙂
  • Cultivate a new athletic skill. I am thinking rock climbing…

(Please note that these goals are open to adjustment. I will likely change some of them, subtract some, or add new ones over the course of the year.)

I hope that 2010 has been an incredible year for you and that 2011 brings many more wonderful things. Start pouring that champagne and enjoy your new year!

9 thoughts on “Goal Setter

  1. You had me at Knitting for dummies!
    YAY girlie! let’s knit together! Get a project started and I’ll help you thru it!

    you had an AWESOME year. goals or not you did a lot.

    I bought my bike because of you! hope you know…now if I can just get my butt on it!

    much love and Happy New Year!
    oooh Champagne!

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