Back To Business

Today is “that day”. You know, the day when you were finally starting to get in to the swing of Christmas break and then *bam!* school is back. Or change school to work and then I have appealed to everyone here.

My transportation options to school were not seeming appealing today. I had three options:

  1. Ride my bike. It is 22° out.
  2. Take the bus. I still can’t figure out how the heck to get home.
  3. Drive.

Of course, driving requires that extra fifteen minutes of preparation time that is needed to scrape the ice off my car and heat the interior to a temperature that wouldn’t be appropriate for storing raw meat. Don’t get me wrong, I love my cold weather, but at 7am when it is 10 degrees below freezing, all I want to do is curl up on the couch with a cup of coffee.

I did manage to make it to school and find some parking, though, and I was off to my first class: Chemistry (dun dun dun!). Let’s just say I am a bit rusty. After not having taken Chem for about a year and a half, I am definitely going to have to study my booty off to get back to the same place as the rest of the class. Since I don’t really have any other option, I just have to cry my eyes out and drop out of school grin and bear it.

Class number two was Biology (double yuck). It is definitely going to be challenging. It is essential an integration of basic Chemistry and intermediate Biology. Needless to say, my first two classes already have me on my guard for a very difficult Quarter.

Lunch was much less beautiful and more poorly photographed than usual.

Courtesy of my iPod camera, I bring you a salad topped with tomatoes, black beans, a veggie patty, and raspberry chipotle sauce. It ain’t pretty, but for days when I’m on the go, it does the job.

Now all that’s left is to tough out one more class (Interpersonal Communications… no thanks, I don’t like to communicate with other persons)  before I can finally go home and run. Is it bad that the knowledge that my running shoes are waiting for me at home is getting me through the day? Maybe.

But hey, at least it warmed it:

7 thoughts on “Back To Business

  1. I miss school! I don’t have to start work til tomorrow, though, which is nice. When the weather is crap, I wish I had a car! I’d take scraping the windshield any day over riding the bus and walking to work. Good luck this semester!

  2. Ugh, I’m dreading Chemistry…I rented Chemistry Essentials for Dummies today at the library. I’ve essentially never taken chem before – my teacher in high school was about to retire and fell asleep in his own classes. And UGA has one of the hardest chem programs in the southeast, or something. AHH

    At least you have running to burn off the stress!!

  3. I hate communicating with others too 🙂

    I am loving my break from school, but I have a lot of proposals I have to write before heading back. Boo.

  4. UGGH it was fuh-reezing on campus today 😦 good luck this term, i’ve got stats351, ba351 and z332. plus labs. i feel your pain girl!!

  5. I’m taking biology and chemistry too! And while I LOVE biology I am less than thrilled about chemistry… and notoriously lazy when it comes to labs (obviously I do them, but with VERY little enthusiasm, let me assure you).

    I’m also still in denial about homework starting up again soon. Case in point: all of my stuff from last quarter is STILL in all of my binders, all over the places.


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