Much as I was freaking out about school yesterday, it all seems so much better today. Want to know why? I don’t have class on Tuesday! This is probably a great thing, because I will need to rest up between my “hard Monday” and my “hell Wednesday”. “Hell” may be an understatement. Let’s just say there are five classes tomorrow spread out over nine hours on campus. Oh, and almost all five have 10 minute breaks in between them. It should be… interesting.

Since tomorrow is going to be rough, I am making a very conscious effort to eat well and exercise today. Tomorrow, food is going to be quick and easy and exercise just isn’t going to happen.

But enough about tomorrow, let’s talk about today!

Exercise today consisted of a very cold 5 mile run at a 9:11 pace. Unfortunately I am starting to feel pain throughout my right knee and left lower leg again. I am going to start making a conscious effort to scale back my mileage until I’m feeling better again. But the real star of the run was the weather! I finally conceded to the fact that it wasn’t going to get above 32 degrees today and I just needed to suck it up if I wanted to run. So suck it up I did. Corvallis was quite a sight as everything is frozen. I mean everything. Take a look at this lake around the corner from my house via poor quality iPod photo:

Completely frozen! I think this is the largest body of water that I have seen freeze completely so far. Crazy! But despite the pain and freezing weather, I’m glad I got a run in today. I am going to need the endorphin hangover tomorrow.

Tonight’s dinner was another variation on baked tofu. This time it was seasoned with extra virgin olive oil, garlic powder, chili power, and a dash of salt. You want to make sure that the tofu is coated completely before you pop it in to the oven for 40 minutes at 400 degrees, turning it once halfway through.

If you are having a hard week going back to school/work, like me, take a look at this. I promise it will lift your mood!

I would so buy that!

10 thoughts on “Frozen

  1. Uhhh that tofu looks delicious. I am readjusting to dorm food and while it does entail massive, delicious salads (oh how I love the salad bar) I don’t get the roasted veggies and tofu like I do at home… Or the cookie dough (but that’s not necessarily a bad thing lol).

    I was stressed out yesterday so I watched 17 again 😛 I may or may not have an embarrassing thing for zac efron. don’t judge.
    (loooving that josh groban bit though)

    • I hope it warms up before you get here! We are going through a major cold front right now.
      And boy do I want to do coffee! I am free on Tuesdays, Saturdays and Sundays. Just let me know what will work best for you (I know you probably wont know until you get settled) and let me know!

  2. You’ve got ICE????
    wooo hooo. Break out your ice skates…I feel like doing some waltz jumps!

    I would so buy that CD too! I just snorted!
    good for you for getting a run in. I can’t run if it’s much lower than 50 or I WHEEZE.

    but don’t hurt your leg again!
    HELL Wednesday is right! ICK

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