Meeting Up

Today I woke up bright and early to drive up to Portland. “What crazy person drives two hours each way to and from Portland on the Saturday before midterms week,” you may ask? The kind of crazy person who is headed to a blogger meetup! This meetup has been about six months in the making. You see, the organizer of the meetup is Jasmine, who is up in Portland with her hubby doing apartment hunting for their big move from San Diego to the much cooler PNW. Jasmine and I started talking right before I moved to Corvallis (literally, like, the week before) when we discovered that our apartments in San Diego were less than a mile from each other. Unfortunately, in the craziness of moving, our meetup plans fell through. When she announced that she was moving to Portland (aka, stalking me), I was pretty psyched! So here we are 6 months later, finally meeting up!

Since I am socially awkward, I am always a whole mess of nerves when I am meeting new people. We were meeting at the cafe in Powell’s Bookstore and of course I was fifteen minutes early and just sat a a pool of my own social anxiety sweat for all fifteen minutes. Obviously I had no reason to be nervous because Jasmine was just as sweet and down to earth in real life as she seems on her blog! It was also wonderful to meet her husband, Ryan, and they pretty much make the cutest couple ever:

We were also joined by one of Jasmine’s blog readers who, in the midst of my social retardation, I have completely blanked on her name. I feel horrible for forgetting, but at least I didn’t throw up on anyone. I want to say… Kim? That is a total shot in the dark. “Kim” was incredibly nice though! I ended up ordering a Soy Chai Latte and we drank and chatted for about two hours.

Unfortunately Jasmine and Ryan had to get on the road back to San Diego, but I’m sure I will be seeing them again when they make their big move in early March.

After our meetup, I made a few stops on my way home and then arrived back in Corvallis ready to eat my hand. But since I need my hand for writing and typing and such things, I decided to make lunch instead. I devoured a Mediterranean inspired plate with Pearl Couscous, Snickerdoodle Hummus, and baby carrots.

Totally delicious!

I think I will hit the gym for a while before I get my booty in gear and study for midterms. Or maybe I will just go lie on the couch and do nothing. I’m going to be honest, it will probably be the latter.


17 thoughts on “Meeting Up

  1. Meetups are so much fun…everyone is so amazing in real life! I’ve only been to one, but I wish I could do more soon! Glad you had fun, though, and YUM for the dessert hummus!

  2. Ahh…forgotten name anxiety. It was the bane of my existence as you and Celeste grew up. I struggled to remember the names of your friends and their parents each time we went to a birthday party or any social occasion. Remember how I would always give you the third degree on names as we approached a get together? It is so cool that your group of friends in the PNW is growing.

  3. You are too sweet. It was so great to meet up with you. Your green eyes nearly knocked me over – gorgeous!

    We bought a story on cd to listen to while we were at Powell’s, which was good because we literally walked out of the store, got in our car and didn’t stop driving until we arrived in San Diego nearly 20 hours later. I’m pooped! I’ll post a recap of the meetup on my blog later. xo

  4. COOL! What a great idea! They do make an adorable couple, and you met in the GREATEST BOOKSTORE EVER! And as for names- don’t sweat it, I haven’t called any of my kids by the correct names in 30 plus years.
    Miss you,
    PS- Love the yellowe shoes!

  5. Hi Camille!

    Kim is right! And no worries, I was lucky to have Jasmine’s blog to look back on for your name. It was really fun meeting you and I hope you have more excuses to make it up to Portland in the future!


  6. YAY for meetups and bookstores.

    looks like you all had a great time!!! and SD is losing more great people to Oregon….booo. 🙂

    don’t eat your hand…you’ll need it

  7. Wow – looks so cool! I’ve never tried pearl couscous before!
    I know what you mean about being nervous about meeting new people! I get super anxious, too (even though I know there’s totally no reason!)

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