Spring Film Preview

You hear me talk about food and exercise all the time. I love both a whole hell of a lot, but shock! I have other interests too! One huge interest of mine is movies. Steve and I usually watch a movie each night. I would say that we watch between 5-10 movies each week. I get positively giddy about new movies coming out and one of our greatest prides and joys is our DVD/Blu-Ray collection that exceeds 400 films. I can tell you facts, figures, actors information, and trivia up the wazoo. I know my stuff!

So now you know my movie habit. I’m not even embarrassed to admit it! So don’t you want to know which upcoming movies I am positively psyched out of my mind for? You sure do! These are my Top 10 Upcoming films for Spring 2011 (I am considering May to be Summer because it is the start of the big Summer Box Office season):

10. Unknown (February 18)

Say what you want about Liam Neeson, he is a god. Sure he has had a string of bad movies (ahem, Clash of the Titans… After.Life…) but you would be crazy not to love him. Besides, we are all cutting him some slack since his wife died last year. Perhaps in this psychological thriller he can get back on track.

Neeson plays a doctor who, after being in a car accident, wakes up from a coma to find that someone has taken his identity and not even his wife knows who he is. It also stars Diane Kruger (perhaps the most beautiful person alive), and January Jones (of Mad Men fame).

9. Source Code (April 1)

Okay, let me attempt to explain this film in an intelligible way: Jake Gyllenhaal plays a soldier who is recruited to do a very… unique type of work. Through the wonders of technology, is able to wake up in the body of a random person and must attempt to stop the bombing of a train in Chicago. He can keep reliving the event until he is able to stop it, and the explosion of the bomb triggers him to wake up and try again. Of course, he ends up falling for a woman on the train which compromises his abilities to complete his task.

Got it? Kind of? Yeah, same here. But let’s just roll with it and see how this one pans out…

8. Jane Eyre (March 11)

Yep, another adaptation of the classic novel. Normally I would overlook a period piece like this, but this version looks, dare I say it? Creepy! With Mia Wasikowska (you may have seen her 2010’s horrendous version of Alice in Wonderland, or in one of my top movies of 2010, The Kids Are All Right) in the title role, and Judi Dench also attached, the casting looks great.  From the looks of it, I wouldn’t go in to this movie expecting it to be a classic romance, I would expect something a bit more special…

7. The Other Woman (February 4, Limited)

I would watch Natalie Portman make a sandwich. I just love everything she does. I am pretty sure that, in another life, we could be best friends. I just know it. In this movie she plays just the character the title suggests: the other woman. After breaking up Lisa Kudrow’s marriage (Not Phoebe! How could you?), and losing her infant daughter, Natalie Portman must attempt to communicate with her new stepson. This is going to be a Drama with a capital D. But I am a loyal Natalie fan, and whatever the outcome of this film, I definitely want to see it.

6. I Am Number 4 (February 18)

Since I am strictly anti-Twilight, this seems to be one of the better contenders to take over for Harry Potter after the final film releases in July. I am especially intrigued because I am a huge fan of Dianna Agron, who plays Quinn, my favorite character on Glee. This is really her first big blockbuster film in a leading role and I’m excited to see her outside of Glee!

From IMDb– “John is an extraordinary teen, masking his true identity and passing as a typical high school student to elude a deadly enemy seeking to destroy him. Three like him have already been killed … he is Number Four.”

5. Battle: Los Angeles (March 11)

This movie was being pimped at last year’s Comic-Con! I am just going to be straight with you: It is a big budget, action-packed alien invasion movie. It looks awesome. Who knows if it will have any substance, but it will look incredible, that is just a fact.

4. Your Highness (April 8 )

You know it is a good sign when you are already quoting a movie after only seeing the trailer (“No triangle face! It scares me!”). This movie is like what would happen if you combined Princess Bride with Pineapple Express and seasoned it with James Franco, Danny McBride, Natalie Portman, and Zooey Deschanel. It short, it looks awesomely hilarious. Straight off IMDb, the plot doesn’t need too much explanation, “When Prince Fabious’s bride is kidnapped, he goes on a quest to rescue her… accompanied by his lazy useless brother Thadeous.”

There will be violence, sex, drugs, and a sweet R-rating, because, isn’t it just a fact that there aren’t enough R-rated comedies? It totally is. This will be a film for the “Judd Apatow” set who like their comedies outlandish and often inappropriate. No, it wont be up for any Academy Awards (although, no one thought James Franco could ever be nominated for a Golden Globe for playing a stoned slacker in Pineapple Express!), but it will be perhaps the most enjoyable film to see in theaters this Spring. I will take that statement to the grave.

3. Sucker Punch (March 25)

If you were reading my blog last summer, you heard me talk about the preview for this one that we saw at Comic-Con. It looks visually spectacular! Directed by Zach Snyder, the director of Watchmen and 300, I would be disappointed if it didn’t look incredible. The trailer is pretty vague, but IMDb gives the best explanation we are likely to find: “A young girl is institutionalized by her wicked stepfather. Retreating to an alternative reality as a coping strategy, she envisions a plan which will help her escape from the facility.”

Here is what I can tell you based on what the Director and Cast said at Comic-Con: It is going to be like nothing you have ever seen. It is a mix between a dream world and a real world that are both visually stunning. To be succinct: it is going to be phenomenal.

Oh, and it has Jon Hamm in it. His role will probably be small (what I like to refer to as a Hamm-eo) but he will still look like a real-life version of a Disney Prince (joke via 30 Rock).

2. Super (April 1)

This was my most anticipated film at Comic-Con. Sadly, since last summer there has been little news on it. Though it has an April 1 release date attached it it, I wouldn’t be surprised if it gets pushed back. But you know what? I am prepared to wait if it means seeing this movie.

Rainn Wilson plays the lead, a man who decides to become a superhero after being dumped by his wife, Liv Tyler. If that sounds a little too Kick-Ass for you, let me assure you that the two films don’t even belong in the same category. This little indie film has a superb cast, with Ellen Page, Kevin Bacon, Nathan Fillion (the funniest person I have ever seen in real life), and a few others attached. Not to mention that every clip of it I have seen literally has me crying with laughter. Oh, and it’s gory. Not “superhero, big action sequence” gory, but rather, “hit someone over the head with a wrench” gory. Yep, that happens.

*Warning* Since the film still has no trailer, check out this clip. Be warned that it contains language and violence. All of which are hilarious.

1. Limitless (March 18)

Talk about a cool concept! Bradley Cooper is a down on his luck guy who starts taking a pill that allows him to access 100% of his potential. The catch? When you stop taking the pill, you die. Great concept, great cast, great trailer. I can hardly wait!

Oh, and there is a good chance that Bradley Cooper with somehow loose his shirt during this film. Woe is the viewer who sees that!

Which movies are you looking forward to?

Is this countdown something you enjoy? Should I start doing these for films more often?


9 thoughts on “Spring Film Preview

    • Haha, so, I was reading back over that post and I realized that somehow it deleted my paragraph about how I have a weird thing about him where whenever I see him in a trailer, I just assume the movie will be bad. I know he generally makes good movies (minus the craptastic Prince of Persia), but for some reason I just always think they wont be! 🙂

  1. I was really intrigued when I saw the Limitless preview during the Superbowl. I haven’t heard about too many of the others. Totally excited about anoter Natalie Portman movie though!

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