Currently I am:

-Feeling powerful because I had the guts to skip a race due to injury. My knees, shins, and foot are very thankful that I managed to be sensible this time.

-Quite enjoying Photobooth on my computer. DSLR be damned.

-Sitting in the same place on my couch as I have been for the past 48 hours, watching Snapped on Oxygen. I actually kind of look like one of the un-made up, sweatpants wearing women that would be featured on the show…

-Obsessed with this song. Simply beautiful. I have had it on repeat for about 24 hours. I have also been singing it at the top of my lungs.

-Celebrating this little booger’s first birthday. Harley and I went shopping yesterday and bought her every present her little heart desired. Tonight, when her Daddy gets home, we are opening presents and feeding her tuna until she dies of happiness.

Harley on the day we met her, around 1 1/2 months old.

Around 4 months.

Around 6 months old in her new Oregon home.

Harley around 9 months.

Little Harley Quinn at one year. Happy Birthday, Princess!

-Celebrating Steve and my anniversary. Two years later and I am still quite fond of him. I think I shall keep him.

Our first photo together, two years ago. I was drunk. Classy.

Here we are nowadays. Much more sober, and much more adorable.


What are you currently up to?

7 thoughts on “Currently

    • Haha, people always ask that! We actually don’t know what breed she is. She and her brothers and sisters were found abandoned when they were babies so we don’t know anything about the parents. We do suspect that she might be part Maine Coon, though. Our old cat was and they do have similarities!

      • My Micky is part Maine Coon and he looks almost EXACTLY like Harley! I posted a pic of him on my blog yesterday, check him out they could be blood brothers! 🙂

  1. EEEEE! I love the new site. I’m so sorry I haven’t been over here to check it out. Things have been crazy with the move – as you know well!

    Happy Anniversary you two, and happy birthday to your BEAUTIFUL kitty daughter.

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