So Long 60k

Most people don’t know that I started college as a Media Studies major with an emphasis in Journalism. The plan was to graduate in 3 years and become a staff writer at the San Francisco Chronicle. I loved my major and I was driven and excited by the course work and my future prospects. However, as my college path was thrown further off course, so were my aspirations to become a writer. After all, I needed to make money, and writing isn’t exactly the highest paid profession unless you are J.K. Rowling (I wish!). Ultimately I reached the academic path that you all know of me, that is, as a Dietetics student hoping to become an RD. Here’s what you don’t know:

  1. The only classes I have earned A’s in over the past 2 years are the ones that aren’t in my major, more specifically, the English related classes.
  2. I studied for countless hours for my Chemistry final, which I took last night. I knew the information. I got a D on the final, effectively giving me a D in the class. This means I did not pass with a grade high enough to keep me on course in Dietetics.
  3. I dread people asking me what I want to do with my degree, and I can’t convince myself that anything I say is something I want to do for the rest of my life.
  4. I had been considering forgoing the RD training and finishing my schooling simply after my Bachelors.
  5. When I look ahead to the classes I am required to take over the next 3 years, not a single one makes me excited. Not one.

When Steve came home last night to find me weeping on the bed about how I don’t like my program and I would rather drop out of school than finish it, we both knew something had to change. It isn’t right that I dread every single class I have to take. It isn’t fair that the girl who can barely pass her exams could be instructing others on how to live their lives. It isn’t healthy that I no longer love what I am doing in the slightest. It isn’t normal that, when I made a “Things I Love/Things I Hate” list about my major last night, I struggled to find one single thing I love. It shouldn’t be the case that I feel the need to tell others that I am a Dietetics student and I “love it” in order to make myself believe that I do truly love it.

With that, I was done.

There is no aspect of nutrition that I see myself doing for the next 50 years, so why should I bother doing it for the next 50 seconds? I do still carry a… fondness for nutrition, but perhaps only enough so to make it a hobby. Even here on my blog, the most fun post I have written of late was my Spring Film Preview, not one of my food or nutriton related posts. My love and aspirations? My love and aspirations still lie with writing. Rather than stare longingly at the Media Communications degree while slaving away at something I hate, I am going to go after that degree, the one I really want. No, chances are I will never make as much money as I would have as an RD. But what I lack in money, I will make up for in time to spend at home with the children I want, work I am motivated and excited to complete, and happiness. So much happiness.

In four Quarters (Yes, 4. Changing my major will effectively cut two years off my undergrad work), I will graduate with a Bachelors in Media Communications with an emphasis in Journalism. Saying that gives me happiness, relief, and excitement, and if those aren’t the emotions that correspond with earning a $60,000 starting salary, then so long 60k, you wont be missed.


8 thoughts on “So Long 60k

  1. Camille, you are absolutely incredible and will do great at whatever you choose, particularly if it’s something you love! I always look forward to reading your posts as they’re incredibly well-written and entertaining; you have such a distinct voice, and it reminds me of my own (probably because we’re pretty much soulmates πŸ™‚ ).
    I can’t even imagine what a tough decision this is but I’m SO glad you were able to see that it wasn’t making you happy and that life is really too short to do something that makes you miserable!
    Best of luck to you, and I really think you’re doing the right thing, not that you need my validation πŸ™‚


  2. You go, Camille! I think it’s great that you’re going after what YOU truly want and what YOU find interesting – I think people should major in what interests them, and not worry so much about how that major will work for them in the future. That probably sounds naive of me to say, but I want to enjoy college with classes I love, and then create a life around my family and friends, NOT work. I know how you feel, though, even though our stories are opposite…I was a journalism major, DREADING every class I would have to take in the future – I hate writing and I wasn’t inspired by or interested in anything I was learning. I loved my English classes, but the journalism ones just didn’t do it for me. Now that I’ve finally switched to Dietetics, I am interested in my classes (except the core sciences…bleh!) and excited about my future!

    So, in conclusion, I’m glad that we are both where we want to be…I know your decision must have been hard, but I think it’s awesome that you’re following your passion, etc πŸ˜€

  3. At first I thought this was a running-related post and was all “hmm…so a 5k is three miles, how many is 60…TOO MUCH MATH…” and then went on to read the rest, haha. I have to agree – you have to follow your heart, regardless. I totally feel ya on the writing bit – my salary is considerably lower than 60K, but I LOVE what I do, and I can get by, so I’m a happy girl!

  4. Good for you! I’m in college as well, and I know how tough it can be to make a big decision like changing majors! It’s great that you’re going to pursue what you love, not what makes you the most money. Honestly, happiness is SO much better than money! Good luck with everything! πŸ™‚

  5. Good for you! I changed my major a few times in college too, ended up majoring in English and minoring in Writing. It’s really still a HUGE transitional time in the world of journalism, it will be interesting to see where it goes. I’m not gonna lie to you though, it’s hard out there for a writer. But you already know that. Happiness is more important than money!!! I mean, you may struggle, but ultimately you will be more happy, that is what I believe, or at least what I keep telling myself. πŸ™‚

    If I could go back in time though, I would take some more practical type writing classes, like technical writing and maybe even some web or html type technical classes, to have something to fall back on while working on the whole “job I love” plan. Just my two cents.

    Good luck! I’m sure whatever you do you will excel at. You have that type of personality for success, I can tell. πŸ™‚

  6. Hi Camille! A first time commenter here. πŸ™‚ I’m sure you will be excellent at what you do if it is something you’re happy to spend thinking about and working on, even in your free time. You will have a huge advantage over all the others who just end up graduating with the same major but without the passion you have for it. Doing something, even if it is considered to be a ticket to a comfortable life, well it’s only a road to living happily and comfortably IF you are good at it, and can put a lot of effort into it. Dragging yourself to work is clearly not something in this direction. (Yeah, I did leave an economics major… for science. Takes waaay longer this way, but not once have I regretted it.) Best of luck to you!

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