There’s This

After feeling a bit better yesterday, I expected to wake up this morning feeling significantly better. But alas, I woke up with a desperate need for pain meds and water. I slept on the couch again to try and relieve some of the pain, but it seems that at this point it might now make a big difference where I sleep. I will be back to the bed tonight. I couldn’t be more excited, since sleeping on the couch in your own home is the weirdest thing ever!

I am still on a liquid diet. Today I have been eating more of this:

and this:

and this:

And doing a whole bunch of this:

Oh, and I am lovin’ on these:

Wait! No drugs for kittens!

I’ll say it again: I would murder for one of these:

I would do terrible, terrible things for a bagel. Terrible.


5 thoughts on “There’s This

  1. Ewww I’m sorry you’re still feeling crappy! I gotta say though, your bloodlust for bagels is cracking me up! 😀 Maybe you could have PB/banana smoothie or something to shake things up? Ooo you should blend in some raw oats like Kath – I tried it, and it really does make the smoothie really dough-y!

  2. Oh, Camille … I know how much it sucks to feel awful. I hope you hurry up and feel better — though probably not as much as you do, I’m sure.

    I had dental surgery last year and, while hyped up on pain meds, ended up popping two tires by driving over a curb on my way back to work a few days later. I think the new tires cost just as much as the dental surgery (thanks to my dental insurance).

    • Oh my gosh! I can feel those pain meds wash over me like a wave of sleepiness, I would be way to scared to drive with them. In fact, I am picking my friend up from the airport this morning and I am purposely not taking pain meds beforehand!

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