Look At My Wounds!

I am glad that you liked my masterpiece, “An Ode To Slimfast“. I consider it one of the greater literary masterpieces of our time.


This morning I went without pain pills so I could drive to Portland to pick up my friend, Jodi from the airport (I waved hi to you, Jasmine, when I passed your neighborhood!). I didn’t think it was a very good idea to drive 4 1/2 hours under the influence of heavy medication. We actually had a really nice drive and we chatted the entire way home. Of course, when I got home, I downed a Slimfast and some pills, because that is how I roll. The trip was the most intensive thing I have done all week and it wore me out. After drugging up, I settled on the couch to watch a marathon of Snapped on Oxygen, perhaps the greatest show ever.I also dealt with what I thought was a loose stitch in my mouth, but turns out was just a piece of my mouth falling out. No big deal.


Now that I look slightly human again, I am finally okay with posting the thing you have all been waiting for: my injury photos. Get ready for it, I am one sexy lady! Please note that my face and nose are still swollen. I’m not usually such a chubster.

5 stitches

Nose gash


Gorgeous, right?


Even though I have been trying to respond to individual comments as they come, I wanted to give a general “Thanks” for all your comments on my attitude. I really pride myself on getting through things with humor and I am trying to get better at letting things roll off my shoulders, and hearing people reinforce that really means a lot to me. I know some people are thinking that I am one McNugget short of a Happy Meal for being in such good spirits. Here’s the thing: It isn’t worth being upset over this. Sure, it hurts, but I have nothing to complain about! Technically, I am pretty dang lucky. I got to lay on the couch and watch TV for a week with no pressure to exercise, eat well, do housework, or anything! Plus, scars are sexy. 😉


On one final note, I don’t want to give away too much quite yet, but Steve and I are looking at grad schools and in a year we may be moving to a very cool city! I will give you more details as they come!

2 thoughts on “Look At My Wounds!

  1. oh m

    OH my gosh you poor thing!!!

    and grad school???
    I thought you were going to live and die in Corvallis (sp)???

    good for you!!!

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