Muddy Morning

The past three days have been insane! Every day seems like I leave the house at 7:30am and don’t get home until 10am. Obviously I am pooped. I did bring this upon myself when I decided these two things:


1. Hey, Camille, let’s frontload all our classes this Quarter so that Senior year Part 2 is a breeze!

2. It would be sweet if I didn’t have class on Monday or Friday, right? So let’s just pack the longest day possible in to Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday!


I am an ambitious little ball of journalism energy, so why not?I have often heard my condition referred to, quite eloquently, as “insane in the membrane. Insane in the brain.” Cypress Hill (yes, I did have to Google who the band was) clearly wrote that song about me. I’m not that young!


But anyway, I have more homework this weekend than I currently have muscle tone in my body. Luckily, the difference between New Media Communications and Dietetics is that my NMC assignments are finite. In that, I mean that when they are done, they are done. There is a rubric and a due date and voile. This differs greatly from Dietetics where the goal was the study for 36 hours a day in hopes that at some point I grasp the concept of the  Krebs Cycle. And for the record, I don’t. Project based classes are the bomb-diggity.


I have a whole weekend to work on my loads of homework without the distraction of a certain cute boyfriend. While he is off at work, I will be working from home. Today, on the other hand, is devoted to spending some time with said cute boyfriend before he goes off to work so we can support my food and rent habit.


This morning saw the re-emergence of coffee. It was a beautiful, beautiful thing!

And yes, that is a sexy chin Band-Aid (Copyediting note: Band-Aid is trademarked, it has to be in caps). My chin currently looks like Frankenstein’s monster, only pussier. I like to keep my 700,000 thread count pillow safe from its nastiness at night.

After I woke Steve up, we went for a lovely 2.5 mile hike in the wilderness area in Corvallis.

We saw swirly trees:

Fallen swirly trees:

Opportunities for shameless self-photography:

Informative pamphlets:

Beautiful views from the top of Bald Hill:

And unfortunately the entire descent looked like this:

Hence my sexy shoes:


When we got home, I was starved and made some savory oats with broccoli, black beans, and Laughing Cow cheese. Perfection.


T’was a perfect start to our day. We are contemplating going to a movie tonight, but we will see how the afternoon pans out.

Have a great day!

P.S. Watch out for cougars!


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