Recap of My Beauty

As any of my fellow students can tell you, blogging during school is rough! In addition to holding 16 credit hours, all of which are very labor intensive, I have been writing 2-3 articles per week for the school paper, working on my half marathon training, and general trying to keep myself together. But, guess what? I still love it so much more than Dietetics! Here’s a little breakdown for those of us who like to break it down:



I am currently working at the OSU newspaper, The Barometer, as my “practicum” for New Media Communications. Basically, it is like an in-school internship. Just because it is a one-unit class doesn’t mean it isn’t insanely labor intensive! I opted to be a news writer (I was the only person who wanted to write news out of about 30 people in the program. Crazy, right?), and my requirements to get an A in the class are to write at least two articles per week and accumulate between 30-40 hours of work time over the course of the quarter. This may not seem like a lot, but when you consider that the quarter is only 10 weeks, it is a ton of work. Despite the ridiculous amount of work, I am loving it. My articles are one of my favorite things to do each week and I spend a ton of time on them making them as perfect as possible. This practicum has really only confirmed that fact that I really want to write for a living. Unfortunately our paper doesn’t have a film section (though they are hoping to get one up and running soon!), because that is where I would ideally like to lend my writing skills. If that doesn’t work out, then I will just take my talents to South Beach.



As I briefly prefaced last week, I am taking some pretty kick-ass classes. They are all a ton of work, like Dietetics, but the difference between New Media Communications (or NMC as I will call it from now on) and Dietetics is that NMC is what I like to call “finite work”. That is, there is an assignment, there is a rubric, when I type the last word it is finished. In Dietetics, it was more like: Let’s study for 20 hours and hope that we possibly grasped the concept. I shall have none of that madness anymore!



Coming up this Sunday I have the Corvallis Half Marathon. I am pretty psyched! I am probably only about 75% of where I need to be in my training, but the fact that I am going in to this race without a debilitating injury is amazing!

After much contemplation, I finally decided to change my Eugene Marathon, on May 1, to the half-marathon. I haven’t run over 10 miles since the Portland Marathon in October and I know I would have ended up severely injured if I tried to finish the full. There is no doubt in my mind that, however slow, I could have finished it, but the aftermath would have been ugly. Instead, I signed up for my second go at the Portland Marathon this October and I will make sure to be completely trained and healthy for that one! I am seeing a doctor about my injuries next week, so hopefully we can get everything in check and I will be good to PR in October!



Want to know the truth? I don’t think I have even turned on the oven in the past month. Yes, it is sad. Between not being able to eat for 2 weeks and the craziness that ensued when school started again, food has not been the first thing on my mind. Since I am supposed to be a “food blogger”, I basically suck, but hey, that’s life.



I am healing up quite well! I am finally able to eat again (though I am staying away from anything to hard or crunchy) and my face looks human again. The swelling in my cheeks and nose has gone down, though my nose is still a bit bruised and sore. My chin is also healing, but I am going to have a pretty sexy scar on my once flawless profile.


My chin has gone from this:

To this:

Still not my best look, but at least I’m no longer embarrassed to wear my chin out in public.


My nose has gone from this:

To 90% healed:


If we are speaking in generalities, I have gone from this:

To this:


I even have to date Leonardo DiCaprio. Why is life so horrible?


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