I Need You Guys

Let’s just be honest: You guys make me look good. Can we play this game again?


Without you, I look like this:


Ahh, but with you? With you, I look like this:

Notice how no matter what, I don’t seem to like wearing shirts?


Anyway, the point is that I need you guys. Listen up:


I am taking a Reporting class this quarter that like to murder my Thursday night sleeping schedule. Despite the face that I am less than pleased that I get to sit in the computer lab basement until 9pm, the class is incredibly useful and I’m sure I will use it like crazy over the course of my life. It doesn’t have a pretty cool assignment, which is where you guys come in. We are assigned to write a “Beat Blog”, that is, blog posts on a chosen beat (aka subject). Since I would ideally like to take my writing in the film review direction, I chose film as my beat. What this means for you guys is that, for the next 9 weeks, you will see at least one post a week regarding film. And here’s the thing: I need your comments! I usually hate pimping myself and my blog out like this, but my professor said he would be incredibly impressed if other people commented on our blogs. This guy could be employing me in the future, I need to impress him! Since I am one of about 4 people in the class who already have established blogs, I definitely have an upper hand on this one, but any help or comments you guys could send out would help me so much!


Okay, now that I have gotten that shameless self-promotion out of my system, I need to go power through some homework. Stay tuned this weekend for:

  • A film related post
  • My thoughts on Source Code, which we are going to see tonight
  • My hopeful success at the Corvallis Half Marathon on Sunday!


Happy Friday!

5 thoughts on “I Need You Guys

  1. I have to eventually take a computers class. I hope I get an assignment like that. lol You’ll expect a comment from me once a week! Anything I can do to help a fellow blogger, Im more than open to do so!

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