The Corvallis Half Marathon: Recap

There are many moments in life when you should be humble and not brag. This is not one of them. I kicked ass this morning! Put that in your humble pie and bake it! Here’s the recap:


As I finished getting ready this morning, I realized that I was breaking one of the cardinal rules of race running: Never wear clothes you have never run in before. Duh. So, as I was about to run out the door, I changed my shirt to the same one I wore for the Portland Marathon back in October. I decided it was better to be a fashion repeater than to have my new shirt ride up to my face. Besides, no one notices your fashion flub when you look like the bionic woman:

Shin compression? Check.

IT band strap? Check.
Ridiculous poses and shameless self-photography? Check, check, check.


So there I was, looking all cute in pink, when I decided to take out the trash before I left. It was cold. It was really freaking cold. I immediately came back inside and put on my running jacket. I drove the 2 miles to the starting line since I didn’t know how I was going to feel afterward. I ended up getting there about 45 minutes before the race started, which was probably a good thing, as it looked like parking filled up pretty quickly. Of course I got antsy in my nice, warm car and walked up to the starting line. I immediately regretted that decision and tried to hide out in the gym until the race started, but the gym was closed, probably due to the race. So I chilled (literally) until they told us to get in our corrals. I decided to jump in to the back end of the 9-mile pace corral, just to be safe. My goal was to break 2 hours.


They actually got underway about 5 minutes early (and thank goodness, since everyone was turning in to popsicles) and we were off!

Front the very start, I could feel a tiny tinge of pain in my shins, but nothing debilitating. My incredible playlist got me off to a great start!


Mile 1: I was booking it! Of course, the first mile or so is always jam-packed with people, so I was doing a lot of weaving, but I hit the 1 mile marker around 8:35, according to my timer.

Miles 2-3: I pretty quickly realized that I wasn’t in the right corral, as I was maintaining about 8:30 miles. That’s okay though! The first three miles all weaved through campus, which I actually enjoyed because I knew where I was.

Miles 4-6: These miles were all through the Bald Hill Nature area on the outskirts of town. This is the same area and Steve and I took our very muddy hike though last week. There were a few rolling hills, but everything had been mostly flat until this point.

Mile 7-8: This mile was a complete SOB. If I lost any time, it was here. The entire mile was a gradual incline that I struggle to even bike on. I kept telling myself that I had run this before so I had no excuse to quit. By the time I got to the top, I felt like I was going to die. But you know what? I didn’t stop once and I didn’t walk once. Take that, mile 7!

Miles 8-10: These miles were all nice, residential areas. This was really nice, because people came out to their front lawns to cheer us on. The power of spectators to motivate me never fails!

Mile 11: At mile 11, I hit something of a wall. Considering I was only trained up to 6.5 miles, I’m surprised it took me this long to get tired! The thing that kept me going was looking at my watch and seeing the 2 hour mark tick closer.

Mile 12-13: I was pretty beat, but I just kept reminding myself how close the finish line was.

Mile 13.1: We crossed in to Reser Stadium, the OSU football field, and I saw the finish line immediately. I sprinted in and finished with a time of…. drumroll…



I was so completely overjoyed that I met and beat my goal! If you don’t want to do the math, that is a 9:00 pace. I collected my medal and grinned stupidly as I stretched, guzzled some water and went to the food station. As if it could get any better, Great Harvest was there giving out bread slices! I wanted to kiss them all right on the face. Unfortunately, my bread and the lunch I ate when I got home were pretty painful. I think I must have had my jaw set through the race and, as it is still in the final stages of healing, chewing wasn’t pleasant. But, I could have my jaw wired closed and still find a way to eat Great Harvest, so no biggie.


Perhaps the best part of this entire day is that, post race, I feel very little pain. I iced my shin when I got home, but I don’t think I damaged it at all! I am, of course, going to take a few days off, just to be sure, but I should be in great shape for the Eugene Half on May 1!


Photos and stats are supposed to be posted in the next few hours, so look for a follow up post tonight!

7 thoughts on “The Corvallis Half Marathon: Recap

  1. I have never been able to beat the coveted 2 hour half marathon mark so CONGRATULATIONS! Im signing up for my first marathon in Jan (Disney!) my entire goal will be to just not die. Very impressed you could get over your wall quickly

    • Thank you! I was so surprised that I was able to do it. I just had an “on” day, I guess!
      You are going to be amazing at your marathon! It is an awesome experience. I have always wanted to do Disney but it just hasn’t panned out… yet 🙂

  2. WAY To rock that rack chica!!!

    I need to find a new 5k soon to get me re-motivated. Every time I get back into the swing of things I get sick or have a tired spell.

    BRAG AWAY. great job!!!

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