Reaping Race Rewards

Steve calls me a race-ist (He thinks he is really clever. He kind of is.).

Woah, hold the phone! I love all colors, shapes and sizes equally. However, I am addicted to running races. See what he did there? He’s a funny boy.

Boyfriend, you may be right, but you don’t have the skills required to write beautiful ballads for the kitten like I do!

Perhaps the only thing I love more than running races is eating the calories I burn getting my race photos back. There is a 96.3% chance that I will like like a mix between running Phoebe and greased up deaf guy in all my photos, but I love them anyway:

 + =Me.

So without further ado, I present my sexy as all heck Corvallis Half Marathon photos, stolen from the interwebs, obviously. That’s just how I roll.

Haven’t you heard? Double chins and bionic legs are so in this season.

3 thoughts on “Reaping Race Rewards

  1. LOL I see no double chin!! I think you look strong and fierce, in a really good way!! They look like those intense pics in Runners magazine or whatever it’s called. Great pics 😀

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