You Betcha!

Despite the fact that I think I rubbed my eyes right out of my head last night, I woke up with a certain pep in my step. I have no idea why, as it is just a standard Monday filled with homework and a newspaper meeting, but I am just in a nice mood. Gotta love those days!


I was actually planning to run a free 5k at school today, but around 11am, I realized that I am still feeling some shin pain from my half-marathon last weekend, plus I have a whole dump truck full of homework to do. I decided it was probably best to opt out of this one. After all, I am running another half in two weeks and I want to let this injury heal before I put in any more miles.


Plus, the stuff that the doctor gave me to heal my eyes isn’t compatible with contacts, and I really don’t feel like running a race without my vision (which, according to the doctor, is about 20/40. Yikes!)


I guess I have kind of been slacking on my workouts, but it has been showing in the fact that I currently have straight A’s and I am kicking some journalism booty putting in lots of hours at the newspaper. Totally worth it! Changing my major really helped me re-evaluate my priorities and I really feel like they are in the right place now. I would say: my education>working out.


Part of today’s lunch was a fabulous egg sandwich. I am kind of weird about eggs, and if asked, I will insist that I don’t like them. However, I will eat eggs on a sandwich. Scrambled eggs get a “heck no” but sandwiches get a “you betcha”! And of course, bagels get a “hells to the yes!”

P.S. Make sure to check out my updated race page to see all the new races I have on my schedule!

One thought on “You Betcha!

  1. I have been gone so long. I can’t believe you changed your major. I’m glad you like it better, and I think it was a good choice not to run blind. I can’t stand when I can’t see. Hope your eyes feel better and your injury heals before your next race.

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