Camille: Employed

Happy Tuesday!


Here in Oregon, the sun is shining and it actually resembles something like Spring outside! I am even rockin’ a skirt so that everyone can see my uber-pasty legs. Sexy, I know.


But alas, while the rest of the world soaks in the sun while playing Ultimate Frisbee, I am sitting in the library studying and contemplating the insanity of my day. Seriously, take a gander at my schedule for today:


  • 6:15am- Alarm goes off and I finish an article that is due today
  • 7:55am- Catch the bus to school
  • 8:30-9:50am- History of Telecommunications, complete with a quiz
  • 10-11:20am- New Media Storytelling
  • 11:30-12pm- Double shot coffee with some friends before they head to class
  • 12-3pm- In the library getting my study on
  • 3:20pm- Meeting with my academic adviser
  • 4-5:20pm- Writing for the Media Professional
  • 5:30- Meeting with the newspaper’s Business Manager for a new job I am starting tomorrow (more about that in a sec)
  • 7pm- Jean Kilbourne speech on campus that I am attending for my Reporting class (and because I have always wanted to hear her speak)
  • 9pm- Steve picks me up and takes me home


Lovely, no? Tomorrow is going to be even more hectic, but I don’t want to think about that yet.


Now let me tell you about my new job! I am going to be working for the OSU newspaper delivering the paper around town at… drumroll…. 5am. Yep, for serious. I write it, then I deliver it. I should probably just start eating the newspaper for meals too, so I can fully involve it in all aspects of my day.

Yeah, the hours kind of suck, but I will get used to it. In fact, the only reason I didn’t have a job yet was because I have no time during my day to work, so this actually works out well. I will be delivering Monday through Friday, bright and early, starting tomorrow. I am officially getting paid to write for the paper then give it to people. It’s like I’m being paid to promote myself. Is it frowned upon if I go through and highlight my article in all the papers before I drop it off?


Dear Local Businesses I Am Delivering To,

I will accept free coffee in exchange for your papers.





Now I can afford to fuel my caffeine habit and clothing addiction! Oh yeah, and pay off my credit card…



How do you balance school and work?

What’s the earliest you have ever had to work?

  • I used to have to be at work at 5am on Sundays when I worked at Best Buy. T’was not fun… mostly because the job sucked, though.

2 thoughts on “Camille: Employed

  1. Gosh I deliver papers once too, I couldnt do it . Sleeeep. Ironically I now get up way earlier for my work than ever before 5 am!! and its by choice. Its hard balancing work and school!

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