A Real Celebrity

Though it may not seem like it on my blog, I am an incredibly shy person. When it comes to meeting new people, especially famous (or infamous, if you will) people, I am a sweaty-palmed mess with a hummingbird heartbeat.


Last night, I had the opportunity to meet a person who I truly idolize.  I sat for a good 20 minutes in the third row of the massive OSU lecture hall staring at her in the front row and debating if I had the guts to go talk to her. Finally I decided to, excuse my French, ball-up and just do it. I had a monumental realization that if I didn’t go and tell her what I wanted to say, I may never get another chance. Decision, made.


So , sweating bullets, I approached Jean Kilbourne and told her how much I admire her and the extent to which her work aided in my eating disorder recovery. She talked to me for a few minutes, asked my name, shook my name, and congratulated me on my recovery. I have met movie stars, and this was by far better.


Jean came to OSU to talk about advertising’s corruption of  our self image and sexuality. It was completely fascinating. If you are familiar with her work, it was like a combination of “Killing Us Softly 3” and “Slim Hopes” with some new information scattered throughout. She spoke for about 45 minutes, then took questions before heading out to the lobby to sign books. I was, of course, second in line for the signing. <<Nerd alert!


I picked up a copy of So Sexy, So Soon, a book I have been meaning to read for a while but haven’t had time to.


When I got to the front of the line, she said, “Camille, right? Spelled like the tragic heroine?” I was probably a stuttering mess, but I was just in complete shock that she would remember my name.


Her presentation was phenomenal and I feel like everyone should get the chance to see her speak at some point. Jean Kilbourne is an inspiring, incredible woman and I completely idolize her.

The End.

3 thoughts on “A Real Celebrity

  1. that is SO awesome you met her – and she remembered your name! those kind of details just make you giddy! 😀

    I want to know which celebrities you have met!! I was trying to recall if you have talked about them before… I think I’m more excited about my favorite writers I have met too…

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