Hot, Hot, Hot

Happy Saturday… finally!


This has been a whirlwind week! On Monday, I was just a normal, busy girl taking 16 credits, but over the course of one week:



Needless to say, sleeping in until 6:15 this morning was pretty dang epic! I plan to have a weekend with laziness levels that are unmatched.

But alas, a girl can’t be 100% lazy when it is so beautiful out!



I was pretty much in a mood to just sit around in my pjs and do nothing all day, but I haven’t run in a while and I knew I may not get another chance to run in the sunshine for a while. So off I went! Well… it was not as epic as I thought.


  1. It was hot! Even in shorts and a t-shirt I was boiling.
  2. I set off way too fast and burned myself out really quickly. I ended up averaging an 8:30 pace over 4.75 miles.
  3. I didn’t give my food enough time to settle and I was feeling really heavy and crampy.


Not my best run, but at least I got a little exercise and a little sun.


4.75 mi/39:45


On another note, I want to share what we are going to be doing for our annual family vacation this year! After much debate, we have decided to go somewhere pretty nice, eh? Yep, we are headed to the land of the French and universal health care: Canada!


Our stops will include:

Montreal (my 2nd time), Quebec City, and Toronto


We are headed out in late June, and yes, I will be blogging while I am gone!


That’s all I have for you today! Hope it is sunny and beautiful where you are too!


2 thoughts on “Hot, Hot, Hot

  1. I dont know if I would call Canada the land of the French, but since you are stopping by two French cities..I will let that one slide. I literally just got back from my first trip to Quebec city you can read about it on my blog :). Also I grew up around Toronto so some advice; check out Toronto Island, CN tower, Kensington Market, Distilery District. Hope you like it!

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