Life at 4am

Someone (hint: it’s me) has been a very bad blogger of late.


My days have been completely full of school, work, homework, and attempts to sleep.


Between the madness, I have been trying to find time to run, but it has been tough. Yesterday I set off for what would end up being a 5.11 mile run and for some reason my legs just felt like lead. After a mile I was seriously on the brink of running death. It wasn’t like I was tired, my legs just felt so heavy and had zero power.


Hopefully my legs and I can get our act together because we have a half marathon to run on Sunday!

Kind of like this… only 2011.

My lead legs and I were supposed to run the Eugene Marathon, but we had to drop down to the half due to injury.


As excited as I am to race, I am not excited about the fact that, for an entire week, I wont be able to sleep in past 4am. I opted to pay an extra $15 and pick up my race packet the morning of so I wont have to drive to and from Eugene two days in a row (it’s about an hour each way). However, since it is so close, I also decided not to get a highly overpriced flea-bag hotel for the night. Aka, I will be leaving my house at 4am on Sunday morning. Lovely, no?


But alas, this isn’t the greatest sadness of my life. The greatest sadness is this:

I have to work in the morning then I have my internship. In other words, I wont be able to watch the royal wedding!




Oh well, I am way more excited about it than I should be.

Is anyone else half amped and half sad that Kate took the crown that is rightfully yours?



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