Marry A Prince and Get A Job

Yesterday was my first day at my internship!


Since I have actually started, I am okay with telling everyone where I will be working. I am interning at the McMinnville News Register in McMinnville, Oregon. This most adorable of towns (population ~ 35,000) is located about an hour northwest of Corvallis and about an hour South of Portland.


In the brief hours I spent there, I am already pretty sure that I want to live there. McMinnville has a Pacific Northwest/Corvallis vibe but it is much more chic than Corvallis. The downtown area (where the paper is located) is full of wine bars and fancy little shops. T’was love at first sight!


Anyway, I have my own desk, work e-mail, and phone number! How cool is that!? I e-mailed Steve from my desk with my work e-mail and I felt highly important. But the coolest thing is what I will actually be doing.


After a quick tour of the building (which is also adorable), the editor (who is also my copyediting professor) set me straight to work on some smaller stories. I busted out two stories and started a third in the three and a half hours I was there! The best part is that I am going to be published in a real (read: not college) newspaper. I feel like if I continue to impress the editor and work really hard, I would have a great chance at nabbing a post-grad job at the News Register.


Another thing that made my day? Having women to talk with about the royal wedding. 🙂 We gushed about the dress and the hair and the perfection of it all in the way that boys just don’t understand. Don’t deny it, boys! It’s true!


All in all it was amazing. I am just elated that I get the chance to do something this big as an Undergrad! I will be working on Mondays and Fridays from 10-2!


Post-grad job market, here I come!



On a final, unrelated note: Did Kate not look gorgeous!?

Her dress was classic and demure while still being modern. Love, love, love!

So there you have it, girls. Every little girl can grow up to be a princess. That’s what I plan to tell my daughter before I send her off to Scotland to find a Prince to marry.


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