Another day, another PR!


This morning I ran the Eugene Half Marathon and kicked some ass. I actually signed up for the full, but due to injuries that kept me from training, I dropped down to the half. It was kind of sad seeing all the people there to do the full when I wasn’t, but I knew it was the right decision.


My day started when my alarm went of at 3am… yes, 3am. I opted for race day packet pick up for an extra $15, and I had to get to Eugene at 5:15am to get my bib and timing chip and such. The drive went off without a hitch and I was chilling in the lobby of the Hilton by 6:10am.


We were bused over to the starting line from the hotel and the main thing that sticks out to me was how effing cold it was. It was probably about 34 degrees pre-race and I was shaking and my teeth were chattering. Miserable.


The starting line was not incredibly well-organized. Since I had changed my event, I was thrown in the walkers corral. I realized what was going on and managed to get in the next corral forward, but I still spent the first four miles weaving through walkers before I caught up with people who were on the same pace as me.


I don’t know what it was that hit me around mile five, but I wanted a PR so badly. I was seriously chanting “PR! PR!” in my head the entire race. I have no idea what it was that made me so ultra-competitive, but I needed to beat myself.


I finished with a 1:54:19, shaving 3 minutes and 36 seconds off my PR!


Perhaps the only thing better than running such an awesome time was the fact that I didn’t feel any pain at all. While everyone else limped out, I did a little jog to meet some friends for brunch. Yep, seriously.


Here are my thoughts on the Eugene Half Marathon:


  • Yep, it is indeed “flat and fast”
  • The weather ended up being gorgeous today, but of course, it is a mixed bag in Oregon
  • The parking situation and shuttles were awesome
  • The medal is freakin massive


  • Not insanely well-organized
  • There were seriously zero water stations for about 7 miles
  • Not the greatest crowd ever. Even though it was beautiful out, there weren’t a ton of spectators and none of them did awesome things like calling out your name or giving high-fives.


Here are my results:

Obviously the places are subject to change as the rest of the results come in. And I am pretty sure that the “951 out of 952” is just a placeholder 🙂


After the race, I met up with some friends from high school back in the day when we got to school in horse-drawn carriages. They both go to U of O and just had to wander a few blocks to meet me. It was so insanely nice to see both of them. DC transferred to U of O at the same time I transferred to OSU and Kelsey has been at U of O for four years. They are both badass architecture majors and pretty badass people as well.


We caught up with each other for a few hours and talked about all the horrible things people have been doing since high school. Seriously, we are kind of the success stories of our ghetto high school. We had brunch at the Studio One Cafe, where I ordered some amazing french toast. I ordered the “original”, which came topped with “Almond Custard, Creamy Romanov Sauce, and Berry Compote.” Um, yum.


After lunch I made the drive home and I am finally back in Corvallis: safe, sound, and not at all sore!

6 thoughts on “1:54:19

  1. CONGRAAAATS on a new (awesome!) PR and no pain – seriously that is more exciting (for you) to me!

    today was the first day to sign up for the Rock n Roll Portland next May… I signed up at midnight last night 😀

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