The Ice Lady Killed Me

Yesterday when I finished my race, I went over to the medical tent for some precautionary ice. My conversation with the woman dispensing medical assistence went a bit like this:


Me- “Can I please have some ice for my knee?”


Me- “Um, I ran a half marathon.”

Woman- “Are you okay!?”

Me- “Um, yeah, I’m good. I just kind of want some ice if that’s okay…”


That is actually the exact conversation… And thus began the ten minute process of a clearly untrained medic attempting to strap a pack of ice on to my knee. I wish I were kidding.


But here’s the issue: I now have a massive, swollen red patch on the back of my knee. At first I thought it was a bug bite, but I really don’t think it is anymore… The ice pack was one of those packs where you snap it or shake it or whatever and it gets really cold. Well, it got really cold to the point of pain and I had to take it off.


So what do you think? Could it have chemically burned my skin? Perhaps an allergy? Has anyone seen anything like this before?

Here’s what it looks like:


And yes, it is incredibly hard to take a picture of the back of your knee.




3 thoughts on “The Ice Lady Killed Me

  1. Its literally the first stages of frostbite. The ice pack burned your skin. Head to the doctor to make sure you haven’t done permanent damage.

  2. Oh geez, seriously!? It did feel like it was burning about 3 minutes after she put it on. That’s ridiculous.
    Thanks for the heads up! To the doctor I go!

  3. YOUR BLOG LOOKS SO GREAT. I’ve missed reading your blog. Glad to be back!

    I’m sorry about the ice. ew.

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