Something Is Wrong With My Face

It makes me look like I am confused and constipated in every single race picture. Minus these, these are kind of cute.

But if you want to take a gander at what my real face looks like, here is a nice montage of my weird face:

What in god’s name is wrong with my face!?

2 thoughts on “Something Is Wrong With My Face

  1. OK, this isn’t for a grade, but of course I had to comment on your photos. Did you buy all those, or just steal them from the photo site? I know what you mean about weird faces. Running does that to people; at least it does to me too. Must have something to do with all the blood going to the legs. If you examine the faces of everyone else as they finish a marathon, or even a half, it looks like they’ve been terminally botoxed.

    • Haha, if I were graded on those photos, I would fail miserably!
      I just use screenshot to grab them from the site. It’s good to know that I am not the only person who looks insane while running. And the better my times get, the worse my photos get 🙂

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