Vagabond, The Flip Flop Brothers, and Slackjaw

Yesterday was quite the adventure! In fact, it was so adventurous that I am going to post it in two parts. What can I say? I like to party.


We left Corvallis around 9am yesterday and drove up to McMinnville for my internship. Steve walked around a bit while I worked and we ended up leaving a bit early so we could drive to Portland to meet a certain blogger and her hubby. We were quite early to leave for Portland, so we decided to take our time on the hour-long drive.


Right before running in to Salem, our state’s beautiful capitol (And by beautiful, I mean disgusting) we saw a sign off the road for “cheese tastings”. Um, yes please! So we wandered in off the road, trying not to hit the farm dogs that were herding our car to a parking spot. This guy in particular, who I named “Vagabond”, was quite the herding champ:


Vagabond was later joined by his buddies, who I named “Flip” and “Flop” and referred to as the “Flip Flop Brothers.”


The cheese store was pretty cool, with lots of cows and such, but it seemed kind of unassuming from the outside. The inside was much more chic and adorable! We ended up sitting at a bar sampling a ton of cheeses!


It turns out that the Willamette Valley Cheese Company won five awards from the American Cheese Society last year. This is more than any other cheese company that entered!


We liked the Raw Milk Aged Cheddar the best and ended up buying some to take home. Then we went and played with the cows. I have never noticed how adorable cows are. I mean, I am a vegetarian, so I get the living creature thing, obviously, but they are so darn cute and friendly! Our favorite cow was, as much as it pains me to say this, “9516”. He was aptly named “Slackjaw”.

We finally played with the farm dogs for a while before taking off.

To the woman who did our cheese tasting, pictured above, I can’t seem to remember your name! If you do manage to stumble across this, please make sure to say “hi”!


After our cheesey adventure, we hit the road to Portland.


The next post will include a lot more alcohol and food. It just will. Handle it.


3 thoughts on “Vagabond, The Flip Flop Brothers, and Slackjaw

  1. Hi Camille, It’s me, Twila, on your dads computer. I read back a couple of blogs and yep- you had too much cold directly on your skin for too long. That is how frostbites gets started. Like keeping your hand in a freezer for awhile! When the area gets hard, no feeling and white- then you have a REAL problem! Dead skin and dead tissue underneath. Hope it’s okay now.
    PS- ooh, sorry to be so gross!

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