Listen Up!

It’s no secret that I have been slacking on my blogging of late. I will go ahead and fess up that I haven’t been eating or living 100% healthfully recently, and I feel that posting the occasional healthy meal would be something of a guise.


I don’t feel comfortable divulging exact details of my current food and exercise habits, but they aren’t healthy like I know they could and should be. Needless to say, I am having a small (and I don’t want it to increase in size) reemergence of my disordered mentality. I recognize it is there and I have the tools to deal with it, but it does need to be dealt with outside of a public forum like a blog.


I am not quitting blogging by any means, but I think I need to take some time to get my health back on track without the pressure to be a “perfect blogger.” As the school year winds down, I am going to heavily focus on getting myself to my optimal health.


Please bear with me as I cut back on my blog use and focus my efforts on me. I will still be posting my weekly “beat blog,” as it is required for my class, but aside from that, posts may be sporadic.


Ideally I want to transition back in to a “multiple posts per day” blog, but I’m just not at that place right now. With hard work, I plan to be there sometime during the summer.


With that being said, don’t forget about me because you don’t see me very often! I love blogging but I don’t want to do it unless I can do it well, and I will soon.


5 thoughts on “Listen Up!

  1. Aw girl, I’ve been a little worried about you since the “weight loss” phase and some of your remarks… I do hope you’re doing ok & you manage to nip this in the bud, because you are beautiful and worthwhile and dserve to be happy and healthy!!!

    We’ll be waiting for you whenever is best for you to return ❤


  2. Take as much time as you need! It’s great that you’re picking up on the signs and nipping them in the bud early….it’s so much harder once those thoughts become ingrained! This might sound weird/corny, but email me if you need any support – I’ve found (for me at least) that outside support is SUPER helpful in staying on track, etc. We’ll be here when you get back! 🙂

  3. Camille, it really shows through the lines, how much concentration and focus you can have when you realize something is important. Best wishes to you, and good luck in finding a way of eating that makes you feel well.

  4. So glad you’ve realized the problem, and are working on a solution. You shouldn’t have any problem getting back on track. I”ll be waiting for your amazing return!!

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