Beat Blog: The Politics of Ticket Prices

Before I launch in to my beat blog, I want to give a brief update on how I have been doing for the past week.


If you haven’t already, check out my previous post for an explanation on why my posting will be sporadic. Since that post, I have been working very hard on keeping myself on a strict food schedule to eliminate over/under eating. I feel like I am making positives strides forward and my diet has been very good this past week. Of course, a week on the bandwagon doesn’t change anything, but it is a good first step. I am going to keep busting my butt to get 100% healthy!


Thank you guys for all your support! Okay, onward!




My boyfriend and I recently discovered something that we consider to be comparable to the discovery of America. At the Cinemark on Circle, movie tickets are $5.00 between 4:00 and 5:30. Everyday. Any movie. I seriously wrote home about this one.

In most of the country, this excitement is completely rational. I remember paying (well, my parents paying) less than $5.00 for an evening film when I was a kid. To be fair, this was also a time when gas was under $2.00 a gallon. Prices go up, it is a fact of life. But is there a point when paying $11.00 for a movie ticket plus $2.00 for IMAX and another $2.00 for 3-D just becomes ridiculous? Yes… a million times yes!

To put this all in to perspective, the average cost of a movie ticket in 1940 was $0.24. In 1940, it also cost an average of $400,000 to make a film. Fast forward to 2010 when the average movie ticket cost $7.89. However, an average film budget in 2010 is upwards of $200 million.

I mean Harry Potter no harm. He is only my favorite!


Okay, so we all get it, movies are expensive. However, to keep a day at the movies from becoming a day at the hands of a pickpocket, there are certain measures we can take:

  1. Look for special deals like the one that Steve and I love at our local theater!
  2. Decide if 3D is really worth it. Unless the film was actually “shot in 3D,” chances are that it won’t look very spectacular with the extra dimension.
  3. Become a trailer watcher and review reader. The trailers will point you to movies that look interesting to you and critics can often point you to where your money will be best spent. I recommend reading a review site that isn’t strictly based on big-time reviewers. Try:

2 thoughts on “Beat Blog: The Politics of Ticket Prices

  1. The prices for movie tickets these days are outrageous. Here in New Jersey a reg. price ticket is between 11 and 14 dollars and before 3pm its between 8 and 10. Luckily on Tuesdays at the movie theater near where I live the tickets are buy one get one free which isn’t so bad and at another theater, if you have IO triple play, you get two free movie tickets for a Tuesday showing.

  2. What’s really crazy, if you can believe them, is that theaters claim they LOSE money on the films and only make a profit on the junk food they sell. Now there’s something to write home about. Good post.
    Score = 9

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