Slappy Cakes+New Friends

Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting up with an old blogging friend and a new one.

I’m sure everyone knows Jasmine both from our previous meetups and from the fact she is just an awesome blogger. The other lovely lady on the far left is Doniree, another Portland-area blogger.


We all dragged fed our boys and selves at Slappy Cakes in Portland, a very cool, new concept-type restaurant. Basically, each table comes with a built in griddle where you make your own pancakes! You can order different pancakes bases, extras and toppings and complete a completely customizable meal.


Steve and I opted for a peanut butter base with bananas and whipped cream. As Jasmine said, “Oh Camille, you would order that.” 🙂

So many options!

I love my sweet boyfriend who orders chocolate milk 🙂

But sometimes it’s hard to make choices…
And it’s hard to remember to order when us girls are all gabbing away.
Eventually we get down to business, though.

It’s hard not to get shown up when you have Doniree: Expert Pancake Maker in your midst!

We had a lovely morning and brunch!


I have another post in the works about Steve and my continuing adventures in beautiful Portland!

Stay tuned!

7 thoughts on “Slappy Cakes+New Friends

  1. That snarl face above was when he was making the pancake too big, wasn’t it? hehe. You are the cutest.

    So, when are you guys moving closer? Clearly, our significant others are in boy lurve and I want to see your cute face more often!

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  3. What a fun place! I used to l live in Seattle. There are so many things I miss about the pacific northwest, one of them is eating a late breakfast on a drizzly morning. OK, so I kind of don’t miss the rain now that I’m in LA.

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