Home Again

Whoever said that “you can’t go home again,” clearly never tried. Here I am in San Diego, after a butt-bruising two-day drive with kitten in tow, and as much as I miss Corvallis, I do feel like I am at home. This morning when I woke up and stumbled out in to the kitchen, the smell of coffee brewing and treats baking immediately brought to mind Christmas and coziness.


The best part of being home is that it all gets better from here. In fact,I kind of have the most epic summer ever! Here is a little glimpse:

  • Tomorrow, June 16, my little sister graduates high school… as valedictorian 🙂
  • Next Tuesday, June 21, through July 1, my sister, mom and I are going on vacation to Toronto, Montreal, Quebec City and Niagara Falls.
  • On July 5-7, my best friend Sarah and I are going to Vegas… high roller style! Check out the incredible room we are staying in. We are also going to see Phantom and maybe steal a jungle cat. We shall see. 🙂
  • Steve gets in to town on July 20, and we are going to Comic Con for the rest of that week.
  • After Comic Con, Steve, Harley, Oy, and myself are hoping in the car and heading North. On the way up, we plan to stop at Six Flags: Magic Mountain, one of my favorite places on the planet!


Best summer ever, right? But even as exciting as all that stuff is, I am still 100% content just seeing my family, some of whom (including my Mom) I haven’t seen for almost a year. Crazy, right?


I plan to do a lot more blogging while I am here. I want to take everyone along on my trips and adventures. You can expect me to balance out this text heavy post with more pictures that you ever wanted to see. In fact, I anticipate that there will be a new post tonight AND tomorrow morning. See, I haven’t quit on you guys yet! 🙂



I will say, though, Oregon has more bounce than all ya’ll combined. Just saying…



P.S. On one final note, guess who got straight A’s for the first time since, oh, maybe middle school? 🙂

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