Why My Daddy Rocks

My Mom and I may be twins, but my Dad and I are practically the same person.


My Dad is the kind of guy who is loved by everyone. In fact, he was destined to have two girls, since he is far too sweet to raise a house full of boys.

My Daddy spent 21 years driving my sister and I to gymnastics every weekend, taking us on 5-day-long Disneyland vacations, and making sure that our house was always sufficiently silly.

My Daddy and I traveled all over Ireland and Scotland together. It was, perhaps, the best two weeks ever.

My Daddy stood in the pouring rain for five hours to catch me at every turn in the Portland Marathon. In fact, he drove for two days simply to see me run. My Daddy spent an hour in traffic trying to get me to the starting line of my first marathon. And after all that, he still met me at the finish line.

My Daddy is the guy who is so cool, that he has recently grown his hair in to a ponytail. It looks better than my ponytails.


My Daddy brought my amazing Stepmom, Twila, in to our lives.

My Daddy checks the website for the paper where I intern on a daily basis to see what I have published.


My Daddy knows the meaning of “Christmas spirit.”

Say what you want about yours, but I really have the best Daddy in the world.

Happy Father’s Day to my Dad and all the other Dads out there.

(Pst, that means you too, Steve, father of my kitten child)


Our Graduate

This week, my not-so-little sister graduated from high school.

See that name next to “Valedictorian”? That’s her!


It was truly a wonderful day for the entire family.

My Mom and I.

My Aunt Lisa and Stepdad, Paul.

My Mom.

My Stepmom, Twila, and I… keepin’ it real.


But it was, perhaps, an even more special day for our graduate.


Why bother with so many words when pictures can say it all?