Our Graduate

This week, my not-so-little sister graduated from high school.

See that name next to “Valedictorian”? That’s her!


It was truly a wonderful day for the entire family.

My Mom and I.

My Aunt Lisa and Stepdad, Paul.

My Mom.

My Stepmom, Twila, and I… keepin’ it real.


But it was, perhaps, an even more special day for our graduate.


Why bother with so many words when pictures can say it all?




Being Young

Kids should never be allowed to grow up.

We should never have to start thinking about cake as calories.

We should never be too old for Daddy to carry us.

We should never stop being silly with our mom…

Or sister.

We should never stop being sporty.

We should always ruin pictures with funny faces. These are the photos that are better later on.

We should always give our grandparents hugs and kisses while we still can.



We should always make sure to look at every single picture from our childhood when we are at home.